Discover European Cultures Through Reading Books

The European Literature Days 2023 is set to bring the essence of European culture to Vietnamese readers, with authors and translators being present to enable readers to gain a deeper understanding through direct interaction.


The European Literature Days 2023 are set to take place in Hanoi from May 11 to 21, with a range of exciting events and activities. On May 13, the festivities will be kicked off with an opening ceremony attended by representatives from embassies and cultural institutes of 13 European countries.
Publishing units and cultural enterprises in Vietnam will also be hosting book launches, readings, literary discussions, and book fairs throughout the event. Moreover, two composition competitions on European characters and a competition on European literature have attracted a great deal of interest from those passionate about literature and painting.

 Writer Michel Bussi (center) is seen during an exchange with Vietnamese readers. Photo: Nha Nam Company

This year’s European Express event is set to be an unmissable celebration of European literature, culture, and diversity. Hosted in Hanoi, Vietnam, by the Book and Action Club of Hanoi Law University and supported by the embassies and cultural institutes of the UK, Poland, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, France, Finland, Czech Republic, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and Italy, the event will feature a range of activities, including seminars, book launches, exhibitions, and interactive activities. Readers will have the chance to meet authors, translators, editors, and publishers and take part in seminars and other interactive activities.

As well as exploring the immense variety of European literature, visitors can also take part in the ‘European Characters in Vietnam’ contest and a quiz on European Literature Days. Thierry Vergon, President of the European Union National Institutes for Culture (EUNIC) Vietnam, the event’s organizers, said: “I would like to take this opportunity to introduce the European Literature Days 2023, which is being organized in Hanoi with the participation of 13 nations from Europe, including embassies and cultural institutes. It is a series of events, including book launches, story readings, and literary discussions. In addition, there will be a ‘European Characters in Vietnam’ contest and a quiz on European Literature Days, which have attracted many quality candidates who are passionate about European literature.”