The event aims to promote the cultural and natural heritage of Vietnam, particularly those recognised by UNESCO. It will include various photo displays, cultural exchanges, arts performances, a children’s fashion show, and seminars.

Prominent among the activities is a display of 181 outstanding entries from the national tourist artistic photography exhibition, which capture a beautiful picture of the Vietnamese land and people as well as its cuisine, daily life and festivals.

Another display entitled ‘Travelling to the lands of Vietnam’s traditional festivals’ will be held on the occasion, introducing visitors to 100 photos on assorted Vietnamese festivals across the country. The exhibits are selected from Vietnam’s cultural heritage photo contest.

There is also an exhibition space on ‘Vietnam’s nature’, showcasing 35 photos capturing the country’s diversity of fauna and flora through the lenses of scientists from the Vietnam National Museum of Nature and photographers from Italy’s University of Florence Natural History Museum.

Notably, each city and province participating in the festival will set up its own exhibition space to introduce their own cultural features, landscapes, and traditional handicraft products.