Exhibition celebrates 90th anniversary of Vietnam Trade Union

NDO – An exhibition named “90 years of Vietnam Trade Union - A historical journey” opened in Ho Chi Minh City, on July 19, as a part of activities to celebrate the 90th anniversary of Vietnam Trade Union.


The event is an opportunity to introduce and affirm the achievements of the Vietnam Trade Union over 90 years in construction and development; the Vietnam Trade Union is always loyal to the interests of the working class, the interests of workers and the nation.

Through 180 colour as well as black and white photos at the exhibition, the visitors have an opportunity to understand more about the birth and congresses of the Vietnam Trade Union; typical revolutionary struggles of the working class under the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam and trade union organisation in the two long-term resistance wars of the Vietnam.

The exhibition also reflects the achievements of the Ho Chi Minh City’s Trade Union and workers, workers and labor movement in the process of innovation and development, international integration.

The photos reflect the young labour force of Ho Chi Minh city, which is currently united in the Vietnam Trade Union with a spirit of learning, good knowledge, dynamic, creative. The young labours have been devoting themselves to the fields of knowledge, scientific research, access to the application of modern science and technology to production, to create high quality products, contributing to the economic development – society city.

The exhibition runs until July 28.