Tired of being at home? Beat the pandemic stress with a trip to Vietnam. You can now visit Vietnam from the comfort of your couch, an plan a rea-time trip, through a dedicated portal which showcases its best tourism options. 

The new initiative gives an overall experience of a real-time visit through various packages available. Check out their ‘Green Travel’ section and scroll down for three options, Sustainable Tourism, Sustainable Stays and Sustainable Hotspots. Under each of these, you can find a list of eco-tours, tented camps, luxury hotels, eco-lodges, home stays, and boutique hotels in some of Vietnam’s lesser known travel destinations.

Under the tab ‘reputable businesses’, travellers can also check out tours that suit their interests across different categories such as educational or eco-friendly. You can also choose from a range of staying options like luxury hotels, home stays and lodges. 

Flanked by a number of rivers including the stunning Mekong and Saigon, Vietnam has many iconic places to visit such as the architecturally brilliant former imperial capital, Hue, which has a plethora of temples, tombs and the Purple Forbidden City (though it was mostly destroyed during the war from 1955 to 1975. 

So go ahead, plan a trip to one of Asia’s most exciting cities via an immersive virtual experence.