The Du Gia waterfall, located in Du Gia Commune, Yen Minh District, attracts hundreds of travelers daily who come to enjoy the stunning scenery, take a refreshing bath or swim, and immerse themselves in the cool, fresh water.

The Du Gia waterfall features cliffs that are about six meters high and a deep green natural water pool below. The water flow is constant throughout the year, creating a magnificent and breathtaking landscape.

Since May 2023, adventurous foreigners have been choosing the waterfall as a venue for daring jumps from high rocks into the refreshing pools below. The rocks are available at different heights, allowing jumpers to choose according to their level of daringness.

A foreign man is seen starting a jump from a high rock at a height of six meters into the water pool at Du Gia waterfall in Ha Giang Province, northern Vietnam. Photo: Nam Tran / Tuoi Tre

Upon their first visit to Ha Giang, Charlie, a British tourist, and his two friends were greatly impressed by the wild and imposing scenery of the waterfall area.

“After a long day of motorbike travel on the roads of Ha Giang, it was a wonderful experience for me to immerse myself in the cool, clear water at Du Gia waterfall,” Charlie said.

“Although I saw many people jumping from high rocks into the water, I felt quite scared and didn’t try this experience.”

A foreign traveler is seen jumping into the water at the foot of Du Gia waterfall from a high rock. Photo: Nam Tran / Tuoi Tre

Most jumpers, both domestic and foreign, choose rocks at a height of around 3.5 meters for their jumps. Some of them even repeat their stunts, gaining cheers from the crowd.

During their four-day trip to Ha Giang, Lyna, a Dutch tourist, and her husband named Du Gia waterfall as one of their favorite destinations.

Lyna expressed her fondness for Ha Giang, stating that every scene is naturally beautiful and offers many unique discoveries not available in her country.

This image shows travelers, most of them foreigners, enjoying bathing and swimming at the Du Gia waterfall area in Ha Giang Province, northern Vietnam. Photo: Nam Tran / Tuoi Tre

“I find jumping from a high waterfall to be quite dangerous. Those who do it must be very brave. I personally felt really scared and didn’t try it. However, watching people jump down was incredibly exciting. I believe they enjoy the exhilarating feeling of touching the cool water after such jumps,” Lyna shared.

Bathing and swimming at the waterfall is allowed, but signs are placed in dangerous areas to warn visitors about possible risks, such as slipping.

In July 2023, a tourist from the northern province of Phu Tho drowned while bathing in the waterfall area. The incident highlights the importance of caution while enjoying the natural beauty of Du Gia waterfall.

The overall scene of Du Gia waterfall in Du Gia Commune, Yen Minh District, Ha Giang Province, northern Vietnam. Photo: Nam Tran / Tuoi Tre