Daisy season lightens up Hanoi’s winter

When winter comes, bicycles full of beautiful white daisies begin to appear on the streets of Hanoi.


Daisies are a small flower that blooms in winter, which the Vietnamese name cúc họa mi. They are known as wildflowers that are persistent despite their small stems and thin, fragile foliage.

The daisy season in Hanoi only lasts for about 3 weeks, once a year, when winter comes. Perhaps that’s why Hanoians always look forward to the daisy season because when these little flowers bloom, people can feel the last “aftertaste” of autumn.

In recent years, taking photos with daisies has become a new trend in Hanoi, especially among young people.

From around November, bicycles carrying daisy flowers on Thụy Khuê, Phan Đình Phùng and Thanh Niên streets are always crowded with people buying flowers and posing for photos.

The price of daisy flowers at the beginning of the season range from VNĐ60,000-80,000 for a large bunch, though on special days like Vietnamese Teachers Day the price can increase to VNĐ90,000-100,000.

Although their prices are not cheap compared to other flowers, many people are still willing to buy large bouquets to appear more splendid in photos.

Small bouquets of white flowers are not only bought as photo props on the street, but many people also go to flower gardens to take pictures, especially on weekends.

Daisies grow in many familiar places around the capital such as; the Red River rock beach, Tây Tựu flower village and Quảng An flower field, although the most famous is still Nhật Tân flower garden which has an immense white spread of daisies in full bloom.

From the end of November, this flower garden is always full of people coming to take pictures and save moments of a beautiful flower season.


The entrance fee at this flower garden is about VNĐ70,000 per person.

With its rustic appearance and strong vitality, the image of daisies has entered into poetry and art, becoming a beautiful symbol of Hanoi every winter.

Taking photos with daisies has become a popular trendamong young people in Hanoi.

Pedestrians buying daisies on Thanh Nien Street.

Bicycles carrying daisy flowers on Thuy Khue Street await customers. 

Many people also go to flower gardens around Hanoi to take photos, especially on weekends. 

Many flower gardens grow daisies to serve people who come to take photos.

A daisy flower garden on West Lake with immense white colours of daisies in full bloom.

Source: VNS