After a three-year hiatus, over 5,000 fireworks enthusiasts gathered along the Han River to witness magnificent displays of light and sound. This year’s festival featured teams from the UK, Poland, Canada, France, Finland, Australia, Italy, and Vietnam, all of which have a long-standing tradition in the art of firework displays. The host Vietnam presented a story of peace and friendship under the theme “Da Nang – The Sound of Peace” while the Finnish team expressed intense emotions and deep love for life in their performance centred around the theme “Igniting the Heart.” Themed “The World Without Distance”, the festival was scheduled to take place from June 2 to July 8.

Da Nang is the only locality in Vietnam to have hosted a fireworks festival since 2008, making it a popular destination in central Vietnam and Asia. This has helped the city win recognition as Asia’s Leading Festival & Event Destination in 2016 and 2022 by the World Travel Awards.