Binh Duong museum showcases national treasures

Two national treasures, a wooden burial jar with a bronze drum discovered in Phu Chanh commune and the Doc Chua animal statue, are among 1,300 objects and 500 scientific documents displayed at Binh Duong museum.

The Phu Chanh bronze drum dates back to the second and the first century BC. The artifact was uncovered in late 1988 by Nguyen Van Cuong living in hamlet 6, at Vinh Tan commune of Tan Uyen. As soon as Cuong reported the discovery of the bronze drum, the Archaeological Research Center of the Institute of Social Sciences in Ho Chi Minh City worked with Binh Duong museum to dig there and they found an intact wooden burial jar and some other relics inside.

Binh Duong museum attracts a numerous visitors.

The museum features 1,300 objects and 500 scientific documents.

Visitors at Binh Duong museum.

The fragrant rosewood jar is about 61cm high and a diameter of 46-50cm patterned with many circular wood veins. The bronze drum is about 40cm high with a drumhead diameter of 47.5cm and a base diameter of 44cm. The drum surface has the symbol of a 10-pointed star decorated with the pattern of peacock feathers with the inverted V-shaped details. The wooden jar and bronze drum is an important discovery in the archaeological history of Vietnam and the world.

The use of a “coffin” combining a wooden jar and a bronze drum is a new piece of information in researching the lifestyles of ancient communities in the southeastern region.

A wooden burial jar with a bronze drum discovered in Phu Chanh commune.

A wooden burial jardiscovered in Phu Chanh commune.

The Doc Chua animal statue.

Apart from the wooden burial jar, Binh Duong museum is preserving another national treasure, Doc Chua animal statue. It was made around 3,000 years ago and was found in Doc Chua archaeological site.

The statue is made of copper, 5.4cm high, 6.4cm long and quite intact. Experts have not been able to identify what animal the Doc Chua statue is. The discovery of a bronze statue in the shape of an animal standing on another animal was a very unique artifact and never seen before in any other relic in the southeast region. The statue has a certain value in cultural research of burial in prehistoric times.

By Thong Hai