An exciting street festival in Hue

During Hue Festival 2016, the street festival themed “Heritage and Cultural Colours” took place on major streets in Hue, from May 1 through 3, 2016. The event attracted the participation of many artistic troupes at home and abroad, including the Thai Nghi Duong Unicorn Troupe from Hue , the Vietnam National Circus Troupe, theTraditional Music Band of Chango from Colombia, the Royal Dance Troupe from South Korea, the Traditional Artistic Troupe of Mongolia and the Japanese Traditional Yosakoi Dance Troupe. 


The absence of some familiar troupes such as the Belgium’s troupe of walking on stilts and the Australian aboriginal troupe reduced the fascination of this year festival only a little. However, some newcomers like the royal dance troupe from South Korea, the traditional artistic troupe of Mongolia and the Guangdong artistic troupe from China brought new and specific features to the festival.

On the streets, artists have made the event fascinating by the traditional performances of their nations. With the exciting music and dances of artistic troupes, ten thousands of tourists and Hue residents flocked to the streets to enjoy the atmosphere that made an imprint by Hue Festival 2016.

Ten thousands of tourists and Hue residents are fascinated by the festival
at the T-junction near the Trang Tien Bridge. Photo: Tran Thanh Giang/VNP
Traditional Japanese artists perform on the street. Photo: Tat Son/VNP

The Mongolian artistic troupe on the street. Photo: Tat Son/VNP

A Hue elder exchanges with the street music band. Photo: Tat Son/VNP

Chinese dancers of the Guangdong troupe take part in the festival for the first time. Photo: Tat Son/VNP

Colombian singers with Latin American songs. Photo: Tat Son/VNP

Vietnamese artists look graceful in Ao tu than (four-part dress) and Non quai thao (hat of three cubits). Photo: Tat Son/VNP

South Korean drum troupe. Photo: Tat Son/VNP

Beautiful belly dancers. Photo: Tat Son/VNP

The street festival seen from above. Photo: Tat Son/VNP

Unique performances of the Vietnam National Circus Federation. Photo: Thanh Giang/VNP

Brilliant charm of South Korean female artists. Photo: Thanh Giang/VNP

Exciting drum performance of the Thai Nghi Duong Unicorn Troupe. Photo: Thanh Giang/VNP

Unexpected greeting from Japanese artists to the bride and bridegroom on the street. Photo: Tat Son/VNP

Tourists and Hue residents joyfully celebrate the festival on the street. Photo: Tat Son/VNP

By Tat Son & Tran Thanh Giang