A relief mission to pandemic hotspot in Bac Giang

HCMC - Since Bac Giang Province was hit by the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak roughly one month ago, many districts and cities have become hotspots of infections and lockdown orders have been imposed there. More than 100,000 local workers are affected by the outbreak. The whole provincial population will be tested for Covid-19 officials have said.

Trucks carrying food and necessaries to workers at Quang Chau Industrial Park in Viet Yen District – PHOTOS: HAI DUONG & NGUYEN THO

Fortunately, in the hard time, Bac Giang has been heartily supported by compatriots nationwide. Staple food and daily necessaries have been sent to residents in Bac Giang staying in quarantine sites and isolation zones. Many volunteers are willing to join relief mission trips to Bac Giang to directly hand out gifts to local residents in affected areas.

This photo depicts a pandemic checkpoint in Quang Chau Commune at mid-night
Donations must be carefully checked before they are given to the needy
This woman receives donations in Tang Tien Commune, Yen Dung District
Female workers who are pregnant get free eggs and milk in Quang Chau Commune
Exhausted after long hours of hard work, a medical worker faints and is taken care of by colleagues
Children in a quarantine zone receive gifts which are now very precious to them
Two volunteers have a quick meal before resuming their work