Authorities in a West African country issued an alert when the emergence of the Marburg virus was recorded in the southern region of Ghana.

Two people infected with this virus have died while nearly 100 others are in isolation.

Symptoms of Marburg infection are similar to those of Ebola. The virus will attack the patient suddenly causing high fever, severe headache, internal and external bleeding. The two patients mentioned above had diarrhea, fever, nausea and vomiting before dying at the hospital.

A new deadly virus like Ebola has just broken out: There is no treatment nor a vaccine - Photo 1.

Blood samples taken from two patients in the Ashanti region, southern Ghana, tested positive on July 10. The samples were then sent to the Pasteur Institute in Senegal to confirm the diagnosis, the Ghana Health Service (GHS) said.

Currently, there is no vaccine or treatment for this highly infectious and nearly deadly Ebola virus.

A deadly new Ebola-like virus just broke out: There's no cure, no vaccine

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the mortality rate of recorded infections has ranged from 24-88% in previous outbreaks in other countries, depending on the strain of the virus and treatment.

Reference: MSN