Accordingly, the trends of safe tourism, return to nature, tourism to restore health … are forecasted to attract many foreign tourists in the coming time. This is the basis for giving solutions to achieve the target of 5 million international visitors in 2022 of Vietnam’s tourism industry.

Foreign tourists explore Cat Tien National Park. Photo: Nguyen Van Tam

The trend of outdoor travel, returning to nature

International tourists are increasingly looking to places that still retain their wild features to explore, experience from the mountains to the sea, enjoy the outdoor landscape, sunbathe, breathe the fresh air, immerse themselves in the natural space, rich in mental health values.

Safety factors in travel

Tourists will prioritize choosing destinations with low epidemic levels, good health systems, services and tourist attractions that ensure regulations on hygiene and safety for epidemic prevention. Besides, tourists will tend to choose private places, with a distance to limit contact with crowds.

Health recovery tourism trend

Rest, health care, relaxation, full recovery after infection will be among the needs of tourists. Tourists are also interested in hygiene, destination environment, accommodation facilities, restaurants… because these factors directly affect their health, partly affect the change in tourists’ decision to book services.

Trends in choosing the mode of transportation

International tourists tend to choose private means of transportation, by renting a private vehicle (motorcycle, car) to reduce contact load and ensure safety. In addition, fast-moving, fully-equipped vehicles such as airplanes, high-speed trains, etc. are also popular because of their short travel time, giving visitors more time to visit the destination.

Tourism associated with high technology

The pandemic has accelerated the application of technology in the tourism industry, visitors of all ages. This allows travel companies to interact with each other, companies to interact with tourists and vice versa in searching and exchanging information, applying technology and digital software in booking services, making purchases, sales, payments in electronic currencies, online banking quickly and conveniently.

New travel products

International visitors tend to choose new travel experiences. Photo: Tien Sa

Instead of choosing traditional tourism products, after the pandemic, many tourists turned to new tourism products to experience in person or online. New types of tourism can be mentioned such as spiritual cultivation tourism, local tourism (staycation), post-Covid-19 medical tourism, online tours anywhere in the world, tourism applying automation technology, smart tourism, resort tourism combined with health care, green tourism, experience tourism combined with skill training (Ed-ventures).

Flexibility during travel

The distance between regions, countries, languages, and restrictions caused by the epidemic makes many tourists often uncertain in choosing a travel destination. Therefore, the flexibility of tourism service providers is very important and is prioritized by tourists. That includes tour services, air tickets, accommodation rooms, sightseeing tickets, guides…

@ Saigon Tiep Thi