According to an official decision signed by Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc, a total of 24 artifacts have been designated as national treasures.

The Cong Vu collection of gold plates in lotus shapes. Photo: Cultural Heritage Department

In 2020, a total of twenty-four notable artifacts and groups of artifacts were identified. These include the Co Loa mold collection, Phu Chanh wood knitting loom, the Linh Son collection consisting of a Linga and a Yoni, Tra Veo 3 and Lam Thuong gold jewelry collections, as well as the Cong Vu collection featuring gold plates shaped like lotus flowers.

Included in the new treasure list are several valuable artifacts:

– The Kinh Hoa bronze drum, which is privately owned by an antique collector in Hanoi.
– A Statue of Ganesha.
– A Statue of Gajasimha.
– A Statue of a deity.
– A Statue of Buddha King Tran Nhan Tong.
– A Statue of King Mac Dang Dung.
– The collection of three Buddha statues in But Thap pagoda, representing the Buddhas of the Past, Present, and Future.
– The Reliefs of Goddess Sarasvati.
– The Reliefs of King Po-Rome.
– The Reliefs of Queen Vu Thi Ngoc Toan.
– The Hoa Lai stele.

The Huong Lang Pagoda boasts a magnificent stone staircase, while the Kinh Thien Palace within the Thang Long Imperial Citadel features a striking stone staircase as well. Additionally, the enameled brown Kinnari ceramic vase and the ceramic vase adorned with lotus flower patterns add an elegant touch to the surroundings. Furthermore, the But Thap Pagoda showcases an exquisite incense-table and the magnificent Nine Products Court. Finally, the Tho Ha Communal House is adorned with beautiful fresco doors.

As of now, the country possesses a grand total of 215 national treasures.