The film awards will be delayed until the situation becomes more stable, People’s Artist and director Dang Xuan Hai, VCA President, said without specifying a date.

The event was initially slated for March 15 but the rapidly-spreading disease forced the organizers to reschedule it to April 15.

Hai noted that this year’s awards ceremony may well be scaled down to avoid mass gatherings. There will probably be no red carpet event and two separate ceremonies may be held for winners in the north and the south, he added.

A total of 113 nominations were received for this year’s awards, including 16 feature films, 13 TV drama series, 34 documentaries, 12 scientific films, 15 animated features, and 17 short films.

Main categories include Best Feature Film, Best TV Drama Series, Best Film Director, Best TV Show Director, and Best Actor and Best Actress in film and TV shows.

Among the nominations are the popular TV series “Ve Nha Di Con” (Come Home, My Dear) and “Tieng Set Trong Mua” (Thunder).

The 85-episode “Ve Nha Di Con” portrays the life of an urban-dwelling widower and his three daughters.