Under the theme "Hue Traditional Craft Festival – The quintessence of Vietnamese craft”, the festival is one of the biggest events for Hue City in stimulating tourism demand.

The month-long festival will hold attractive activities and events such as: a design competition for traditional handicraft products, a sculpture camp, an Ao Dai Festival, a cornet festival, Marathon Hue, Century Concert, a book fair and sculpture exhibition, Music Night "Remember Trinh Cong Son", Hue Culinary Festival, boat racing on Huong River, Hue Traditional Craft Festival, an exhibition on traditional handicraft design, Trinh’s music night, traditional music performances, and Hue Music Festival.

The space for holding these activities is the pedestrian area along both sides of Huong River and the cultural and artistic space axis of Le Loi Street, Hue City. In addition, in the coming time, Hue City will also open a pedestrian street on the north bank of the Huong River around the Hue Imperial City.

This year, the organisation Hue Traditional Craft Festival 2021 is quite long, nearly one month, in order to create conditions for tourists to come to Hue many times during the festival, contributing to stimulating demand for tourism and promote traditional handicraft products of Hue artisans.