Ao dai festival lures visitors in Hanoi

The Hanoitimes - The festival was an activity within the framework of the "Hanoi Connect - Reach More" program of the Hanoi People's Committee.


The Ao dai festival with the theme “Trang An Colors,” which aims to contribute to honoring the value of Ao dai, a symbol of the beauty and soul of Vietnamese women, was held last weekend around Hoan Kiem lake.

 The festival was an activity within the framework of the “Hanoi Connect – Reach More” program of the Hanoi People’s Committee.

The Ao dai festival attracted more than 500 guests who are officials and members of the Vietnam Women’s Union, students and girls from Hanoi wearing the traditional Vietnamese Ao dai, highlighting the beauty of the elegant and civilized women of the capital.

The festival was part of a series of activities carried out in all provinces and cities of the country with the support of the Ministry of Culture. – Sports and Tourism and Vietnam Women’s Union.

The organizing board wished to spread women’s love and pride with the traditional Ao dai which will be included in the list of cultural heritage at national level towards being nominated as the World Cultural Heritage.

Speaking at the festival, Ms. Le Kim Anh, president of the Hanoi Women’s Union, said that Ao dai has always been associated with the Vietnamese people in their routines and grand celebrations.

“From urban to rural areas, on the streets or in schools and offices, it is easy to see the image of Vietnamese women in Ao dai. The Ao dai contributes to the beauty of Vietnamese women, and the imprint of Vietnamese cultural identity on the world map. Many international friends also love wearing the Vietnamese Ao dai”, Ms. Kim Anh said.