Amata to Launch Fourth Industrial Park in Vietnam

The developer wants to bring factories and jobs to the poorer central region.


According to an article in the Bangkok Post, Vietnam has emerged as a significant hub for foreign investment in Southeast Asia. Notably, Amata VN, a prominent industrial developer headquartered in Thailand, has joined the ranks of investors capitalizing on the country’s potential.

Amata VN is a subsidiary of Amata Corporation, in which Amata Corporation has a controlling stake of 73%. Both Amata VN and Amata Corporation are publicly listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand.

Amata VN is a highly esteemed developer of industrial estates in Vietnam, with a noteworthy track record that dates back to 1994. Our firm has firmly positioned itself as a major contributor to the nation’s industrial growth, leading the way in three significant ventures: Amata City Bien Hoa, Amata City Long Thanh, and Amata City Halong. Serving as pioneers in the field, we take great pride in being the first foreign industrial developer in Vietnam.

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Amata VN is currently conducting a thorough feasibility study for the potential establishment of a fourth industrial site in Quang Tri province, located in the central region of Vietnam. The proposed project site spans an expansive area of 700 rai.

We are delighted to announce that Amata VN, led by our President and CEO, Somhatai Panichewa, has formed strategic partnerships with reputable firms from Japan and Singapore. This joint effort is focused on carrying out a thorough feasibility study, as per the request of the Vietnam Government.

The Vietnamese government is proactively engaging foreign companies to enhance their operations and invest in Quang Tri, a province with a comparatively lower level of economic development. This endeavor is an integral part of the government’s strategic plan to attract fresh investments and foster employment prospects in the central region of the nation.

Mrs. Somhatai highlighted the province’s ability to facilitate connections between the northern and southern regions of Vietnam.

According to Amata VN, it is anticipated that additional information will be finalized by the conclusion of this year. The company is strategically planning the development of a new industrial estate with an innovative township concept, seamlessly integrating a range of sectors such as manufacturing, commercial, and residential zones.

She announced that the project will be an environmentally-friendly industrial estate, following the eco-friendly industrial development policy set by the Vietnamese government.

According to Mrs. Somhatai, Vietnam has positioned itself as the fastest-growing economy in the Southeast Asian region, boasting an impressive annual GDP growth rate of 6-8%.

According to industry experts, Vietnam remains an appealing destination for foreign direct investment due to its favorable business climate and the assortment of government incentives it offers. Notably, investors can take advantage of complimentary land leases, further enhancing the benefits of investing in the country.

According to Mrs. Somhatai, our upcoming project involves the development of a green industrial estate in alignment with the policies set by the Vietnamese government.

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The government is currently undergoing the construction of a new international airport in Long Thanh, alongside a seaport that will connect to the East-West Economic Corridor, commonly referred to as the R9 route. These infrastructure projects aim to deliver substantial benefits not only to Vietnam, but also to neighboring countries such as Laos, Thailand, and Myanmar.

According to Mrs. Somhatai, Amata VN has plans to allocate a larger budget for the development of industrial estates in Vietnam in 2020. This budget increase will surpass the previous year’s allocation of 3 billion baht in 2019.

Our company is authorized to develop 20,000 rai of land across three industrial estates. Additionally, we have a pending license for potential future development on an additional 16,000 rai of land.

Amata City Bien Hoa is currently in the process of acquiring an investment certificate for an exciting new development. We are actively engaged in meaningful discussions with prospective clients regarding the commercial areas.

Amata City Long Thanh and Amata City Halong have commenced land clearance, marking a significant milestone in their pre-construction preparations. The company is envisioning the initiation of development plans and marketing activities in 2019, aiming to achieve a strong revenue stream by 2020.

Amata VN is currently in the process of developing a 3,000 rai (1,200-acre) site in Long Thanh, Vietnam. The company aims to commence the sale of properties in this development by the first quarter of 2020, as announced by Mrs. Somhatai, the company’s representative.

Amata VN is projected to sell around 120-125 rai of land to companies from Japan, Taiwan, and China in 2019. Furthermore, the company anticipates a 10% increase in revenue for the year, amounting to a total of 1.17 billion baht. This growth in revenue will be derived from diverse sources such as real estate sales, utility services, and rental fees.

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We are delighted to share a significant milestone achieved at our company. Mrs. Somhatai, our official spokesperson, recently announced a pilot power project at our head office location that boasts a remarkable capacity of 1 megawatt.

At Amata VN, our dedicated team is diligently assessing the progress and outcomes of this project. This comprehensive analysis will serve as the foundation for developing future plans for power generation across all three of our industrial estates.

We are excited about the potential this project holds for our organization and look forward to sharing more updates as we continue to pursue innovation and growth.

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