Soprano from Hanoi Unveils Multilingual New Tune

Vietnam's renowned chamber vocalist Do To Hoa is teaming up with rapper Ha Le to showcase their multi-language musical prowess with a new production. Characterized by Do To Hoa's mesmerizing high soprano, the collaboration promises to be a striking melody.


Singer Do To Hoa and rapper Ha Le have released their new single, “Shi Ni” (It’s You), in Chinese, Vietnamese, and English. The Chinese lyrics were written by Meng Ran, the Vietnamese lyrics by Pham Lich, and the English lyrics by Ha Le.

“Shi Ni” was initially released in China in 2022 and quickly gained popularity, leading to various remixes in different languages. Vietnamese singer Pham Lich also covered the song and released the Vietnamese version five months ago, with over 28 million views on Pham Lich’s YouTube channel.

The singer Do To Hoa and the rapper Ha Le are working on a new music project.

Hoa, who won the chamber music category of the Sao Mai 2017 singing contest, obtained a master’s degree in vocal performance in China. After returning to Vietnam, she continues to showcase her talent in chamber music while exploring new styles. Hoa is keen on incorporating her Chinese heritage into her musical endeavors. Currently, she works as a lecturer in Hanoi.

Vietnamese musicians are increasingly covering Chinese songs as the Vietnamese public is exposed to more Chinese music. Hoa sees this as an opportunity to create new musical products based on popular songs, emphasizing the fascinating intersection of language and culture in music.

Hoa believes “It’s You” will be appreciated by Vietnamese and Chinese audiences alike and views the project as an opportunity to experiment with a combination of pop, ballad, and EDM. The single is available on digital music platforms such as Spotify and YouTube.

This song represents a new performance style for Hoa, who plans to explore rap performances in both English and Vietnamese with Ha Le. Acclaimed producer and musician Tung Tic, known for his acoustic guitar music, serves as the musical director for the “It’s You” project, injecting it with vibrant and fresh elements.