Rise in Tourists to Hanoi Thanks to Blackpink’s Popularity

In July, it is expected that Hanoi will receive an influx of approximately 2.38 million domestic and international tourists.


The visit of internationally renowned K-pop sensation, BlackPink, to Hanoi is anticipated to greatly enhance the city’s tourism sector.

 Blackpink will come to Hanoi for the Born Pink music concert. Photo: Blackpink’s fanpage 

With the band’s global renown, every concert is anticipated to attract tens of thousands of fans from both local and foreign origins to the city. The presence of BlackPink is already generating a surge in travel interest within the capital.

Currently, all hotels and homestays near My Dinh Stadium in Cau Giay District, the venue for the concert, are fully reserved for the opening night of the event.

According to Nguyen Van Dat, the CEO of BestPrice Travel Company, there has been a significant surge in hotel bookings, particularly in the vicinity of My Dinh Stadium, leading up to and during the concert period from July 26 to August 1.

According to a report from the Hanoi Tourism Department, Hanoi is projected to receive a significant influx of domestic and international visitors in July, with approximately 2.38 million expected. Despite guests searching for accommodations well in advance of the concert, popular hotels located within 1 km of the stadium, such as Eastin Hotel & Residences Hanoi and Hyatt Regency West Hanoi, are completely booked. This information was shared by the source with Tuoi Tre Online.

In the month of July, the number of international tourists in Hanoi is expected to exceed 380,000, marking a significant increase compared to the previous year. Additionally, the city hosted over two million domestic tourists, resulting in a growth rate of more than 11%. As a result, the total revenue generated from tourism activities is estimated to reach VND8.6 trillion (US$362.2 million).

 Hanoi welcomes 14.7 million visitors in the first seven months of 2023. Photos: Vietnam.travel

Located just a quick 10-minute drive from My Dinh Stadium, the Eastin Hotel & Residences Hanoi stands as one of the top luxury hotels in the Cau Giay District. As the official authorized concert draws near, the hotel has experienced a notable surge in room bookings.

According to Do Van Nghia, the manager of Eastin Hotel & Residences Hanoi, the hotel experienced a slight decline in room bookings due to rumors of the cancellation of BlackPink’s concert. However, once the concert’s confirmation was announced on July 24, there was a subsequent increase in demand for room bookings.

The hotel spokesperson noted that the current occupancy rate of the establishment is at a high level. The majority of Vietnamese guests who reserve rooms predominantly hail from the southern provinces. Meanwhile, foreign visitors constitute 40-50% of the total occupancy during this period, with a significant portion originating from countries such as China and Singapore.

Many international tourists choose to travel to Vietnam for this special event. At our hotel, we take pride in introducing tourists to the renowned and authentic dishes of the capital’s cuisine and culture such as bun cha and pho bo.

  Bun cha, or rice vermicelli with grilled pork and fresh herbs, is the must-try street food in Hanoi. 

On the first night of BlackPink’s concert on July 29, the occupancy rates of both luxury hotels and three- to four-star hotels in the My Dinh Stadium area are expected to reach almost 100%.

According to Nguyen Trong Cuong, a representative of the Western Skyline Hotel, the hotel boasts 43 well-appointed rooms with prices ranging from VND1-1.3 million ($42-$54.8). On July 29, the hotel was fully occupied, and for the night of July 30, approximately 50% of the total rooms have been booked, predominantly by Chinese guests, constituting a substantial 70% of the bookings.

Nguyen Xuan Truong, the Director of Sales and Marketing at Grand K Hotel Suites Hanoi, reported that the hotel experienced high occupancy rates during the Blackpink concert. A significant number of guests, primarily from China and South Korea, chose to stay at our hotel during this event.

According to a statement given to VOV.vn, it has been observed that foreigners visiting Hanoi to attend the show are typically high-spending individuals. Initial data indicates that 75% of the hotel guests during this period were Chinese, including those who made their reservations via Booking.com, Expedia, and Trip. Additionally, there were also numerous groups who booked multiple rooms through travel agencies.

According to the data, the majority of guests typically stay for a three-night duration, specifically from July 28th to July 30th, with the highest level of occupancy occurring on July 29th. During these specific dates, the hotel’s occupancy rate reached approximately 80%, a notable increase compared to the average occupancy rate of 40% on regular days.

In late July and early August, there was a surge in room bookings not only in the vicinity of My Dinh Stadium, but also in hotels and guesthouses across other areas. Numerous establishments charging approximately VND500,000 – VND2 million ($21 – $84) per night reached maximum occupancy, signaling a “fully booked” status.

According to current statistics, Hanoi boasts a staggering number of over 3,700 tourist accommodation facilities comprising of more than 70,000 rooms. Furthermore, the occupancy rate of hotel rooms in the city exceeded an impressive 60% during the month of July.

Dang Huong Giang, director of the Hanoi Tourism Department, expressed that this is an opportune moment for the city to enhance its tourism efforts.

Visitors who are attending the “Born Pink” music concert have the opportunity to discover a wide range of appealing tourist attractions and cultural excursions. These include a night tour of the historical Thang Long Imperial Citadel, a captivating evening tour of the Hoa Lo Prison Relic, as well as thrilling nature and adventure activities like ziplining, hot air ballooning, and archery in the Long Bien, Ba Vi, and Soc Son districts.

During the initial seven months of this year, the capital city has witnessed a notable surge in the number of tourists, with an estimated total of 14.7 million visitors. This represents a significant increase of 38.7% compared to the same period last year.

Out of these, 2.43 million tourists were international visitors, establishing a remarkable 81% achievement of the annual target. Additionally, there were 12.3 million domestic tourists. Consequently, the local tourism industry is projected to generate approximately VND53.7 trillion (equivalent to US$2.26 billion) in revenue over the year, marking a substantial growth rate of 68.3% from the previous year.

The city’s tourism industry has set a revenue target of VND77 trillion (US$3.26 billion) for this year. It aims to attract approximately 22 million visitors with this ambitious goal.