Producer of Taylor Swift Teams Up with Vietnamese Singer

    The talented Vietnamese singer, Hoang Quyen, has recently unveiled her latest music production entitled “A Diary of Melody.” This creative endeavor brings together a team of esteemed professionals, including Thanh Bui, a renowned Vietnamese-Australian singer-songwriter, Benjamin James, who contributed to the chord setting, and Tim Van Der Kuil, an esteemed music producer known for his work with Adele and Taylor Swift.

    Hoang Quyen’s fourth studio album in ten years is a significant milestone in her career as a singer-songwriter. Featuring eight self-written and produced songs, this album represents a new chapter for Hoang Quyen, transitioning from a pop performer to a more authentic and expressive artist.

    Singer Hoang Quyen evolves from a pop singer to a singer-songwriter. Photo courtesy of Hoang Quyen

    Quyen expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to collaborate with renowned record producers of the world’s top divas, a dream she never thought would come true. Thanks to Thanh Bui’s team, she was able to work alongside them.
    “I took the initiative to write a heartfelt letter to Tim, expressing my admiration for his talent and expressing my desire for a collaboration between a European and an Asian musician for my album. I also shared my personal journey as an Asian singer, embarking on the adventure of composing and producing my own album for the very first time,” shared Hoang Quyen.

    Tim promptly responded and graciously accepted her invitation.

    This album also showcases a significant advancement in production as it partnered with Abbey Road Studios in London, known as the forefront of the global record label industry. Together, they collaborated on the crucial mastering process, optimizing and balancing the various sound elements to ensure an optimal playback experience across all multimedia platforms.

    Quyen expressed that working alongside the world’s foremost musicians was a remarkable and enriching experience, serving to broaden her expertise and ignite further inspiration.

    Quyen, aged 31, was named the runner-up in the 2012 Vietnam Idol competition. She has garnered significant acclaim from music critics and audiences alike for her extraordinary vocal timbre.

    After taking a break from singing to focus on music education, Thanh Bui makes a comeback as a singer on this remarkable album. It was his discerning eye that identified Hoang Quyen’s talent as a songwriter and motivated her to delve deeper into the art of songwriting.

     A corner of the exhibition Quyen Gallery #1. Photo: The Hanoi Times

    Collaboration: Thanh Bui and Hoang Quyen

    Thanh Bui and Hoang Quyen come together to deliver a memorable performance of the multilingual song Colors in Vietnamese and English. Their talent and passion shine throughout their duet.

    Thanh Bui was particularly struck by Hoang Quyen’s exceptional skill and “diva-like” voice, leaving a lasting impression on him. Recognizing the importance of young, enthusiastic artists with original ideas, Thanh Bui expresses his keen interest in collaborating with artists like Hoang Thuy Linh and Hoang Quyen to make an impact on Vietnamese music scene.

    The production, curated to a strictly limited quantity of 100 copies, will be meticulously presented as an exquisite work of art, enclosed within a refined lacquered box. Additionally, a digital rendition will be made available across various reputable online music platforms.

    Currently, the album is being showcased at the art-music exhibition Quyen Gallery No.1, which is taking place until September 4th at the Vincom Center for Contemporary Art (VCCA) in Royal City, Hanoi.

     The album is placed in a lacquer box limited to 100 copies as a work of art. 

    The exhibition showcases a curated collection of nearly 40 silk paintings, oil paintings, lacquers, and art installations created by esteemed artists Tao Linh, Nguyen Tran Cuong, Vu Hiep, Nguyen Manh Thang, and Le Dang Ninh. In addition to the captivating artworks, the event also includes the premiere of the music video “Let Today Go” by the talented duo Hoang Quyen and artist Vu Dinh Tuan.

    According to Hoang Quyen, this innovative concept is known as a “moving museum,” which showcases the unity of artistic spirit and promotes interculturalism by bringing together diverse art forms in a single venue.

     A silk painting by Vu Dinh Tuan.

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