Online contemporary dance to perform

Through the dance, the Baydanc awakens a stream of thoughts and obsessions of each individual in the turn of the times and relationships.


On this Saturday evening, Goethe Institut in Hanoi will broadcast the contemporary dance entitled ‘Split’ at its official YouTube channel of Goethe-Institut Vietnam – Youtube.

The 40-minute dance will be premiered at 8pm on August 21 and available on the channel until October 23.

Dancer Hoang Lan Phuong from the Baydanc. Photo courtesy of Goethe Institut 

According to Baydanc, when confined to a small space, without contact with the outside and without encounters, everything just takes place in a space so familiar that it seems boring, will we cut off all associations? Or is it the time to connect to oneself – something that we occasionally forget? Each time like that, people ‘split’ themselves.

“‘Split’ is the breaking into pieces, angled deeply inwardly. When the outdoors  is limited, people discover emotions hidden deep within themselves.” Baydanc stated.

Dancer Le Tran Thao Nhi – the Baydanc to perform ‘The Split’ contemporary dance. 

The contemporary dance partly deals with people’s thoughts in isolation because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Their desire is to escape for safety in an enclosed space rekindles the tensions between choosing whether or not to. The choice of liberation brings a fresh wind but also mixed with many worries and thoughts.

The contemporary dance performance consists of three parts of ‘Stop’, ‘Confide’ and ‘The cover’.

The Baydanc group consists of three young talented local dancers including Le Tran Thao Nhi, Hoang Lan Phuong, and Pham Ngoc Toan, and musician Nguyen Thi Thuy Linh.