Hanoi Concert Featuring Pink Draws Crowds of Admiring Foreign Fans

The sparkling sea of pink light shimmered as four idols captivated the audience with an electrifying two-hour performance. Crowds of fans erupted in cheers, singing and dancing along with the performers, creating an unforgettable atmosphere.


The performances of Black Pink at My Dinh National Stadium drew a crowd of over 60,000 people, marking the final show of their Born Pink World Tour.

A Spectacular Performance

Ollie Arci, a British national who has been residing in Hanoi since 2015, arrived at My Dinh Stadium early on the evening of July 29 with his wife. Despite a brief rain shower before the show, they enjoyed their time alongside fellow Black Pink fans, known as Blinks.

Four girls from BlackPink caused a stir at My Dinh National Stadium. Photo: The Hanoi Times

“The group delighted the audience by greeting them with a warm ‘xin chao,’ showcasing their linguistic prowess. This was followed by an electrifying performance of ‘Lovesick Girls’ and ‘Don’t Know What to Do,’ with thousands of fans screaming and jumping for joy,” Ollie said.

Each member of Black Pink then delivered standout solo performances, leaving a lasting personal impression on the concert attendees. Ollie was particularly charmed by Black Pink’s adorable dance to the Vietnamese hit ‘See Tinh’ by Hoang Thuy Linh, in which they wore conical hats.

No Black Pink performance is complete without a stunning lighting display, and this show was no exception. Shades of blue, purple, and pink illuminated the sky. Ollie enthusiastically pointed out how every musical note, phrase, and dance step was complemented by meticulously choreographed pyrotechnics that captivated the audience.

“The climactic fireworks, accompanied by the hit song ‘Kill This Love,’ transformed the stadium into a colorful kaleidoscope. It was a sight that even the most discerning audience members couldn’t help but admire,” Ollie added.

Hanoi – A Captivating Destination

Pingu Zaxi, a Blink from Thailand, had a wonderful time in Vietnam. Pingu expressed surprise at the immense adoration the Vietnamese fan base had for the idol group.

V-Blinks (Vietnamese fans of BlackPink) welcome their idols. Photo: The Hanoi Times

This fan and her friend spent approximately VND17 million (US$740) during their three-day stay in Vietnam. Besides the expensive concert tickets, the cost of accommodation, transportation, and shopping in Vietnam was comparatively low.

Pingu opted for a hotel room in Hoan Kiem District to take advantage of its central location for exploring the Old Quarter, walking along the pedestrian street, and savoring Vietnamese cuisine. She mentioned that dishes like pho (noodle soup), Vietnamese baguettes, and bun cha (noodles with grilled pork) were all incredibly delicious.

“Our hotel room rates included a breakfast buffet. When we looked at the food stalls, we even wondered if it was profitable for them because the food was so abundant and tasty,” Pingu exclaimed with a smile.

Although this individual had visited Vietnam before, Hanoi had only been a stopover on the way to Ha Long Bay. They reassured that they would return soon to further explore Hanoi.

Joseph Kwon, a Korean singer and songwriter working in Vietnam, emphasized how the Black Pink concert provided Vietnamese fans with an extraordinary experience, allowing them to get up close with their idols and enjoy their fantastic performances firsthand.

According to Joseph Kwon, Black Pink is one of the most renowned and successful K-pop groups globally, boasting a massive fan base in numerous countries. Since their debut in 2016, Black Pink has achieved remarkable feats and has become a popular girl band worldwide.

“Their singing and choreography are also impressive, and they possess remarkable talent and charisma. Black Pink has truly left their mark on Vietnam, going beyond the expectations of any idol group,” he stated.

Joseph noted that the Born Pink World Tour in Hanoi was a phenomenal event for the local entertainment industry. It undoubtedly provided a memorable and enjoyable experience for fans and artists alike. Additionally, it fostered a cultural exchange between Vietnam and Korea, as fans became more familiar with the music, style, and language of each other’s countries.

“Culture plays a pivotal role in the development of nations and societies. Black Pink’s successful performances have invigorated Vietnam’s music industry, instilled dreams and a sense of participation in young artists, and provided motivation and evidence for further cultural development in the future,” Joseph expressed.

My Dinh National Stadium was lit up with fireworks and light sticks. Photo: Ngo Minh/The Hanoi Times.

According to Joseph, Black Pink’s concerts in Hanoi have directly or indirectly contributed to the growth of various industries in Vietnam. Notably, fans from different countries traveled to attend the performances, benefiting hotels, airlines, restaurants, and shops within Vietnam’s bustling tourism sector.

The concert has also helped raise international recognition of Vietnam’s significance as a cultural destination.

“Black Pink has transcended being simply an idol group and has become a pop culture phenomenon, inspiring and influencing the fashion and beauty industries. Taking this Black Pink concert as an opportunity, I hope that future pop culture exchanges can foster harmony and reciprocity between countries,” the artist concluded.

The Korean media has enthusiastically commended the concert. Opinion News published an article titled “Concert Born Pink Hanoi Causes a Stir in Southeast Asia.” Correspondent Choi In Chul reported that the concert had led to increased travel costs to Hanoi, with round-trip tickets between South Korea and Vietnam rising to VND9 million ($380), and show tickets themselves increasing to VND9.8 million ($400).

The newspaper also highlighted the surge in visitors to Hanoi, with Vietnam’s Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism estimating that 2.38 million tourists visited the city in July, a 21.4% YoY increase, including 380,000 foreigners. Searches for accommodation related to the concert in Hanoi spiked tenfold, demonstrating the powerful impact of Black Pink.