Far exceeding expectations of three gold medals, the Vietnam dancesport team won five out of the six gold medals at the biggest sports event in the Southeast Asia region.

At the competition on May 15 at the Long Bien Gymnasium in Hanoi, the Vietnamese dancers vied in the categories of Samba, Cha cha cha, Rumba, Paso doble, Jive, and five Latin dances.

Hanoian dance couple Nguyen Trung Kien and Pham Hong Anh won the Samba dance event.

They also competed in Cha Cha Cha and Rumba events and with high scores, the dancers won gold medals in Rumba.

With three gold medals won by dance athletes Phan Hien and Dang Thu Huong, the Vietnam team achieved five among six gold medals in dancesport.
Phan Hien and Dang Thu Huong performed Paso Doble, Jive, and five Latin dances.

In both Paso and Jive dances, these athletes performed difficult moves to convince the judges.

These athletes completely conquered the Referee Board with their skillful dancing techniques. Phan Hien and Dang Thu Huong won three gold medals in Paso doble, Jive and five Latin dances.
Phan Hien said that he has tried hard to make all of his performances perfect. “I feel extremely happy to have so many fans watching and cheering us today,” he stated.
Dancer Dang Thu Huong attended the SEA Games for the first time. Together with her dance partner, the female athlete won gold medals in three dance events. “This is a worthy result because we have trained so hard recently,” she said.

In order to prepare for the 31st SEA Games, the Vietnamese dancesport team was training diligently under the guidance of coaches Chi Anh and Khanh Thi. They also completed very intense preparation in Italy for three months before SEA Games 31.

 Dancesport is considered a strength of the host country while their main opponent is the Philippines team.
In the last SEA Games in the Philippines, the Vietnamese dancesport team took home two gold medals in Quickstep and Jive events.