Duc Tri to Bring a Lifetime of Music to Hanoi in Concert

Duc Tri's popular hits from the late 90s to the 2000s will be showcased at an upcoming concert, offering a unique opportunity to explore the pioneering impact of the musician on the Vietnamese music industry.


Musician Duc Tri will be organizing a live concert titled “Like the Wind to Travel” in Hanoi on October 1st. This concert is expected to be the biggest program of his career.

Duc Tri shared his reason for choosing Hanoi, stating that his audience is mostly from Hanoi. Last year, when he had music shows in Da Lat, 70% of the audience came from Hanoi. Therefore, it makes sense to organize his biggest music night here.

From a producer’s perspective, Duc Tri also emphasized that Hanoi has a great potential as a music market.

The picture shows (from left to right) singer Pham Anh Khoa, singer Phuong Thanh, and musician Duc Tri. (Photo: The Hanoi Times)

Based on his experience producing shows for many singers, Duc Tri realized that Hanoians enjoy music in different ways, not just for entertainment. His live concert, “Like the Wind to Travel,” focuses on the music rather than the performance of singers or dancers.

Duc Tri mentioned that singers looking to develop their careers often choose the southern market because Vietnam’s major studios and music companies are concentrated there. However, Duc Tri is not one of them. He sees Hanoi as a good place for music events, where the audience can experience the best music and has the highest demand for music enjoyment.

“Like the Wind to Travel” is also the title of the first song composed by Duc Tri in 1995. It was recorded for the first time in 2013 through the performance of singer Pham Thu Ha. Duc Tri admitted that he wasn’t confident enough to release it earlier. However, this song lays the foundation for his later compositional style, maintaining the beauty of melody and lyrics.

During the live concert, the audience will travel through the colorful musical space of Duc Tri, experiencing his most representative songs. They will also hear never-before-heard stories about these songs, which have been kept secret for many years.

The concert will feature singers who are associated with Duc Tri’s music, including Phuong Thanh, My Tam, Lan Nha, Pham Anh Khoa, and Quoc Thien.

The “Like the Wind to Travel” concert will take place on October 1st at 8 pm at the Hanoi National Convention Center.

Duc Tri, born in 1973, graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA, with a degree in composing and producing contemporary music. He has produced albums for various singers and has many songs loved by young people. As a producer, he has also organized shows for many international singers in Vietnam.