Vietnam’s capital named among world’s top 10 cities for cycling enthusiasts

The capital city of Hanoi has been listed among the top 10 best cites for cycling enthusiasts in the world, according to an article published by MapQuest, an American free online web mapping service.


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Hanoi has been named among the top 10 cities for cycling enthusiasts in the world Photo: Hanoimoi

According to the article, cycling culture is extremely strong in Vietnam, and residents are often to be seen on their bikes whether they’re commuting to work or riding around for fun.

“Through Hanoi along the coast toward Ho Chi Minh City is an amazing route of over 700 miles that takes riders along perfect sandy beaches and beautiful coastlines”, the article said.

On the list, Hanoi ranks ninth place.

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Cycling route in Malaysia’s Langkawi city Photo: MapQuest

Together with Vietnam’s capital city, Malaysia’s Langkawi city is the second Asian one included in MapQuest’s list. Langkawi archipelago is praised for “encompassing over a hundred islands and being an amazing area that’s popular for cycling around waterfalls and pristine beaches”.

Portland (Oregon) led the top 10 cities, followed by Mundaring (Western Australia), Burlington (Vermont), Flagstaff (Arizona, the US), Luchon (France), Boulder (Colorado), Jotunheimen (Norway).

MapQuest was launched in 1996 as a commercial web mapping service and it has become popular among avid travelers around the world. Not only providing mapping information, but it also helps users automatically find directions and locate nearby points of interest, including airports, hotels, restaurants, banks, and ATMs.