Vietnam, Thailand’s Navies Collaborate on Joint Patrols

During the 48th annual joint patrol, the Vietnamese and Thai navies engage in various activities on the adjacent sea area. These include patrolling, performing greeting procedures at sea, and practicing hand flags and lamp signaling. The patrol will take place over 2 days, from November 28th to 29th.


Vessels 264 and 265 together with a delegation of Naval Region 5 of the Vietnam People’s Navy arrived at Songkhla Port, south of Thailand, on November 30, starting a visit to the High Command of Naval Region 2 of the Royal Thai Navy, VNA reported.

The Vietnamese delegation is led by Colonel Trinh Xuan Tung, Deputy Commander and Chief of the Staff of Naval Region 5.

Vietnam, Thailand's Navies Strengthen Cooperation
The welcome ceremony for the delegation of Vietnam’s Naval Region 5 at Songkhla Port of Thailand on November 30 Photo: Royal Thai Navy

On November 28 – 29, the naval ships of Vietnam and Vessels 526 and 551 of the Royal Thai Navy held the 48th annual joint patrol on the adjacent sea area between the two countries.

During the patrol, conducted on six routes with a total length of 408 nautical miles, the two sides carried out Hello ASEAN – a saluting ceremony among naval ships of ASEAN countries, exchanged information, practiced hand flag and lamp signaling under the International Code of Signals, and held an exercise on search, rescue, and the implementation of the Code for Unplanned Encounters at Sea (CUES).

Vietnam, Thailand's Navies Strengthen Cooperation
Vessel 264 of the Vietnam People’s Navy. Photo: กองทัพเรือ Royal Thai Navy

The patrol was part of the mechanism of holding joint patrols and setting up communication channels between the Vietnamese and Thai navies signed by their commanders on June 14, 1999.

Thanks to thorough preparations and close coordination, the 48th joint patrol was successful, helping maintain security and order on the adjacent waters, creating conditions for both countries’ people to develop sea-based economic activities, and continuing to promote cooperation, mutual understanding, and trust between the two navies.

Vietnam, Thailand's Navies Strengthen Cooperation
Officers of Vessel 264 perform greeting procedures at sea between naval vessels of ASEAN countries. Photo: Van Dinh
Vietnam, Thailand's Navies Strengthen Cooperation
Vietnam and Thailand navy vessels on a joint patrol route. Photo: Van Dinh
Vietnam, Thailand's Navies Strengthen Cooperation
The two navies practice hand flags during joint patrols. Photo: Van Dinh
Hannah Nguyen