Vietnam is a standout option for those seeking an overseas holiday filled with charm, serenity, scenery, shopping, great food, cultural splendour, and astonishing value, according to The Australian newspaper. In recent years, the country has seen improvements in its transportation systems, professional tour operations, and glossy resorts and hotels, making it an even more appealing destination. While cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City offer their own unique allure, the newspaper suggests that visitors venture into the countryside to discover the breathtaking jade-green rice paddies, quaint villages, and stunning blue hills. Both northern and southern Vietnam offer distinct experiences that can easily fill at least 10 days of exploration.

December is the beginning of the dry season in southern Vietnam, making it the perfect time to explore the Mekong Delta and its floating markets, diverse bird life, and meadows. Travelers should not miss the opportunity to visit the exceptionally beautiful region around Chau Doc, near the Cambodian border. In Hanoi, December brings warm and sunny days with lower humidity levels, although nights can be chilly. However, the northern hills are not recommended for this season as they are freezing in December. The author Michael Gebicki also recommends Nepal, Maldives, Cambodia, and India as other destinations worth exploring.