Vietnam Looking to Strengthen Ties with Germany’s Cottbus City

    Speaking at the meeting, the Ambassador said that the relationship between Vietnam and Germany is flourishing in multiple areas, particularly following the visit to Vietnam last November by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. This is a positive sign for both countries, as well as between Cottbus and Vietnamese localities, to continue deepening their cooperation.

    Minh expressed his hope that Cottbus will consider twinning with a Vietnamese city to boost cooperation and people-to-people exchanges. Furthermore, the two sides could also foster collaboration in higher education and vocational training, especially in the area of nursing.

    Vietnam Seeks Further Cooperation with Germany’s Cottbus city
    Cottbus city, Brandenburg state (Photo:

    Mayor Schick highly praised the integration and contribution of the Vietnamese community to Cottbus city, lauding their hard work and dedication in creating diversity and prosperity. He expressed his great admiration and respect for the vibrant community.

    Mayor Schick expressed his eagerness to foster collaboration between Cottbus and Vietnam, especially in vocational training. He informed his guests that more than 80 nurses are currently undergoing and carrying out training in Cottbus. He also highly esteemed the notion of establishing a twinning relationship between Cottbus and a city in Vietnam.

    Ambassador Minh and his wife Nguyen Minh Hanh attended a special ceremony on the same day, welcoming an elephant named “Don Chung” to the city’s zoo. Don Chung is a memorable gift from Vietnam to Germany, having been moved from the Leipzig Zoo to the Cottbus city.


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