Tokyo Weekend Festival Celebrating Vietnam Kicks Off

This weekend, Yoyogi Park in Tokyo will be the venue for the largest-ever Vietnam Festival in Japan, taking place in 2023.


The annual cultural exchange has been garnering an ever-growing level of interest and participation by a multitude of Japanese friends and Vietnamese people in Japan, playing a critical role in strengthening unity and understanding between the Vietnamese and Japanese people, as well as further cementing the strong bond between the two nations.

Art performance at the previous Vietnam's festival at Japan.
Art performance at the previous Vietnam’s festival at Japan.

The Vietnam Festival 2023 is scheduled to take place on June 3-4 in Tokyo, Japan, and is set to feature a variety of exciting activities, according to VOV’s Thursday report. People from all around the world are expected to come together to take part in the festivities. The festival will include an array of activities that are sure to captivate and bring joy to the crowd. Furthermore, there will be a wide range of Vietnamese food and cultural displays, as well as music, art, and dance performances. With so much to offer, the Vietnam Festival 2023 is sure to provide a unique and memorable experience for all involved.

The highly anticipated event, hosted by the embassy, marks the 50th anniversary of Vietnam-Japan diplomatic relations. It is one of the most significant celebrations of this milestone.

Opening with the theme of “Hope”, this year’s festival will be an opportunity to experience the traditional cuisines, cultural performances, and music of both Vietnam and Japan. Notably, this will be the first time a water puppetry troupe from Vietnam will share their country’s rich traditional culture at the event.

Music galas featuring celebrated Vietnamese singers like Amee and Grey D are set to captivate locals and visitors alike.

At the upcoming festival, visitors will have the opportunity to experience the authentic flavors of Vietnamese cuisine, with booths showcasing traditional handicrafts and food delicacies, such as Banh Mi (baguette) and Pho (noodle soup).

Participants will have the opportunity to experience the traditional Vietnamese culture by wearing an Ao Dai (traditional long dress) and Non La (palm-leaf conical hat), deepening their appreciation of the nation’s heritage.

The Vietnam Festival, which was first established in 2018, has now reached its 13th edition in Japan. This event has played a significant role in fostering unity and solidarity between Vietnam and Japan, as well as strengthening the strong bond between the two countries.

The Vietnamese expat community in Japan is the second largest expat group in the country, with over 489,000 members currently residing there. This highlights the strong cultural and economic ties between the two countries, as well as the increasing number of people choosing to make Japan their new home.

Hannah Nguyen