Vietnam Named One of the Top Eight Most Affordable Destinations for Family Vacations

The Sydney Morning Herald, an Australian newspaper, has selected Vietnam as one of the 8 greatest destinations for an affordable family vacation for Australians.


Explore the plethora of outdoor food stalls and markets Vietnam has to offer! Sample the delicious Pho noodles, which are a staple of the country’s cuisine. Take a ride on a buffalo and explore the countryside. Or, for a truly unique experience, take a fun cooking class across the country—discovering the flavors and aromas of Vietnamese cuisine.

Photo: Worldpackers
Photo: Worldpackers

Tourists can enjoy a budget-friendly dining experience at street stalls and small shops selling Banh Mi (baguette), delicious Vietnamese pancakes, and flavorful noodles. Those looking for a more luxurious stay can find plenty of hotels and resorts offering bargain rates.

The Australian daily also recommended that tourists take a Vespa tour through bustling streets, cycle through stunning rice fields, and take a dip at the many picturesque beaches along the country’s beautiful coastline.

Traveling between Vietnam and Australia is easy and convenient, thanks to regular weekly flights operated by Vietnam Airlines, Bamboo Airways, and Vietjet Air from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to Sydney and Melbourne.

Photo: Geeky Explorer
Photo: Geeky Explorer

The Australian media outlet suggested that visitors search for information about Vietnamese tourism on the website of the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT) for an enriching experience.

Other destinations on the list include Bali in Indonesia, Fiji, Vanuatu, and Queenstown in New Zealand. These stunning locations offer something for everyone, from pristine beaches to majestic mountains and lush rainforests. Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway, a fun-filled family vacation, or an adventure of a lifetime, these destinations offer a range of activities to make your trip unforgettable.

Vietnam is a stunning country full of awe-inspiring cuisine, breathtaking scenery, and a fascinating revolutionary history. If you’re looking for an economical vacation, Vietnam is an ideal destination, as it offers unbeatable value for money.

To make sure you don’t overspend, make a budget and stick to it.

Traveling on a budget doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality – just do some thorough planning before embarking on your journey. The key to keeping your Vietnam vacation costs down is actually following the budget you set. To ensure you don’t overspend, make a budget and stick to it. By having a strict budget in place, you can easily save money and make the most of your vacation.

Photo: Tomorrow's World Today
Photo: Tomorrow’s World Today

One great thing about Vietnam is the diversity of accommodation options available. From budget-friendly stays to luxurious getaways, travelers can find something that fits their needs and budget in various cities throughout the country. Whether you are looking for a cost-effective holiday or an extravagant vacation, Vietnam has something to offer everyone.

Plus, Vietnam is a beautiful and expansive country, boasting a wide variety of cultural sights, climates, and landscapes. Whether you’re looking for a fun-filled adventure or a relaxing getaway, there are plenty of wonderful experiences to be had in Vietnam. To get the most out of your time in the country, consider backpacking to rural hostels and then helping to save some money by staying in a hotel in other areas. Accommodation prices can have a big impact on your total Vietnam vacation costs, so it’s important to research carefully and find the best deals.

Vietnam is an ideal destination for backpackers and budget travelers. There are plenty of cheap hostels located throughout the country, offering travelers a comfortable and clean place to stay. The best way to find the perfect hostel for your trip is to research online and read reviews from other backpackers and travelers. Hostels in Vietnam range from just US$6 to about US$80 per night, making it an ideal destination for backpackers and budget travelers. From the northern region to the south, there are plenty of affordable hostels offering comfortable and clean accommodations. To find the perfect hostel for your trip, research online and read reviews from other backpackers and travelers. This will help you get the best value for your money.

You can discover great value and comfortable accommodation in Vietnam’s northern region, with prices per night ranging from US$15 to US$60. In central areas, you can expect to pay roughly the same amount. However, be aware that prices are slightly higher by the coast and in heavily populated areas. When looking for accommodation in the south, around Hồ Chí Minh City, you should budget around US$20 to US$80 per night.

Photo: Backpackers Wanderlust
Photo: Backpackers Wanderlust

If you want to relax – even for just a night or two – Vietnam is the perfect place to indulge in luxury. Resort prices vary widely, with a standard 5-star hotel costing around US$100 per night, and beach resorts with all the bells and whistles costing upwards of US$600 per night. Prices tend to be more budget-friendly in the north as compared to Hồ Chí Minh City.

In addition to your accommodations, transportation will make up another large chunk of your Vietnam trip costs. Prices for transportation in Vietnam are generally quite affordable, but just like hotels, they can vary dramatically depending on the vendor. Traffic can be quite congested in some areas, so if your budget allows, you may want to consider incorporating some flights into your itinerary.

They’re affordable, widely available, and an efficient way to cover more ground.

Vietnam is a sizable country, so you’ll likely want to explore as much of it as possible. How can you do that? Renting a scooter or a moped is a great way to go about backpacking in Vietnam. These two-wheeled vehicles are incredibly affordable, widely available, and provide a convenient way to get around and discover more of the country.

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