Exploring the Flavors of Khanh Hoa Cuisine: Must-Try Dishes

With these 9 savory dishes, your trip to Khanh Hoa is sure to become unforgettable.

Top must-try dishes in Khanh Hoa cuisine

Hon Noi bird’s nest

Hon Noi bird’s nest is the number one must-try dish in Khanh Hoa. It is a highly valued delicacy and was once exclusively enjoyed by nobility. Swiftlets naturally inhabit more than 30 islands in Khanh Hoa, with Hon Noi, Hon Ngoai islet, and Hon Sam island being the most famous. The nests are harvested from high cliffs using bamboo scaffolding.

Top must-try dishes in Khanh Hoa cuisine

Jellyfish noodle

Jellyfish noodle is a unique dish in Khanh Hoa cuisine. It features a topping made from jellyfish, shrimp, crab, and meat. The dish is often served with steamed or fried fish balls and roasted peanuts for added flavor. Codfish is also an important ingredient, with both fried and steamed preparations used. The broth is made from fish sauce and lean codfish.

Top must-try dishes in Khanh Hoa cuisine

Diem Khanh’s bánh ướt

Diem Khanh’s bánh ướt is a famous dish in Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa. It is made from carefully selected rice that is washed, crushed, and transformed into fine powder. The cake is cooked to perfection and gently folded onto a plate using bamboo chopsticks. The dish is typically served with garlic sauce or fish sauce made from fish intestines, along with grilled meat and spring rolls.

Top must-try dishes in Khanh Hoa cuisine

Binh Ba lobster

Binh Ba lobster is renowned throughout Vietnam and is a specialty of the small island located on Cam Ranh Bay. It is known as the “lobster island” due to its lobster farming industry. Lobster porridge and lobster blood soup are popular dishes that visitors should try. These savory delicacies are enjoyed with rice paper, fresh vegetables, and are a delightful indulgence.

Top must-try dishes in Khanh Hoa cuisine

Fish salad

Fish salad is a popular dish in Khanh Hoa, often served by local families when welcoming guests. It is made with deep herring fish, which is about the size of a thumb. The fish is carefully prepared, with bones removed and excess water absorbed with paper. The dish is time-consuming to make but is well worth the effort to ensure quality and hygiene.

Top must-try dishes in Khanh Hoa cuisine

Cam Ranh’s bánh căn

Cam Ranh’s bánh căn is a savory dessert made from rice powder and onions, filled with a variety of ingredients like shrimp, squid, egg, or minced meat. The dish is accompanied by dipping sauce, with options including sweetened fish sauce or seasoned fish sauce. Side dishes such as fermented vegetables, mango, and fresh chili complement the dish.

Top must-try dishes in Khanh Hoa cuisine

Ninh Hoa’s nem

Nem is a famous dish in Ninh Hoa, a district north of Nha Trang. It comes in two variations: grilled nem made from minced meat and seasonings, and fermented nem made from meat and pig skin wrapped in banana leaves. The flavors of both variations are unique and reflect the care put into preparing the dish.

Top must-try dishes in Khanh Hoa cuisine

Dai Lanh’s squid hotpot

Dai Lanh’s squid hotpot is a popular dish in the region. It highlights the freshness of medium-sized squid, cooked in a sweet style. The hotpot may also include fish such as mackerel, persimmon, alum fish, and raft fish to enhance the flavors.

Top must-try dishes in Khanh Hoa cuisine

Dried venison in Dien Khanh

Khanh Hoa cuisine is not just limited to seafood. Dried venison in Dien Khanh, a mountainous district in the province, is another notable specialty. The venison is carefully cooked, seasoned, grilled, and dried to create a delicious and unique dish. It makes for a great souvenir to bring back home from your visit to Khanh Hoa.