Three pristine lakes that capture visitors’ hearts in Central Highland

Lying in the midst of the mountains, Lak, T'Nung and Ea Kao lakes remained unspoiled and rustic.


Lak Lake

In Dak Lak, people often refer to the myth of Lak Lake – one of the largest natural freshwater lakes of Vietnam, connected to Krong Ana river, about 500 ha, located at an altitude of over 500 meters above sea level. It is a unique eco-tourism attraction that is attractive to foreigners and domestic tourists by the dreamlike and natural beauty of the surrounding mountains and forests, according to Dalat Trip.

Lak lake’s name evokes curiosity and charm that visitors looking to explore this wild beauty. In addition to natural beauty and fresh air, adventure elephant riding and taking one piece timber boat on Lak Lake making this place become an indispensable destination for tours to Highlands and Dak Lak.

Lake Lak is located in Lien Son town, Lak District, Dak Lak province; on the route between Buon Ma Thuot city and Da Lat city; it is about 56km from Buon Ma Thuot City in the south of the National Highway 27. Lak Lake is both a source of fishes and a gigantic freshwater reservoir supplying water to hundreds of hectares of rice fields, and also makes the climate here cooler.

Photo: VN Express

T’Nung Lake

T’Nung lake is the volcanic plateau inactivated for millions of years located about 7 km from north of the Pleiku city center, with an area of 280ha, and an average depth of 16-19m, at the deepest position to 40m.

T’Nung lake is the name of the village associated with the legendary land of Gia Lai, Kon Tum. The village was rich and beautiful, harmonizing between local people and nature here. Suddenly, the volcanic eruption buried T’Nung village. The survivors mourned their loved ones and relatives relentlessly, and their tears flowed into the lake. For that reason, T’Nung lake is considered the pearl of Pleiku that anyone who has come to the Central Highlands cannot ignore.

As described by Asia Open Tour, the beauty of T’Nung lake is enchanting many tourists not only for its immense water, but also the convergence of many beautiful flowers, birds, and precious fishes in the Central highlands. Around the lake is a huge flower garden. Every spring, daisy flower, and yellow carpet covers the edge of the forest, especially, red rice flowers glow on the blue background of water, creating the gentle beauty of the lake.

Photo: Asia Open Tour

Ea Kao Lake

Ea Kao Lake Tourism Site has an area of 120 hectares. The topography is really diverse, including many hills, slopes, streams, etc. Besides, the weather there is wonderful: cool and beautiful with an average annual temperature of 20.7oC and average annual precipitation of 2.155mm. Without a doubt, this type of weather creates diverse scenery that is perfectly suitable for tourism development.

The site is built in a natural space full of green plants and colorful flowers. Besides enjoying the scenery, tourists can also participate in a bunch of different cultural events and entertaining activities. In more details, the site is divided into many smaller sections such as amusement park, hotels, flower gardens, restaurants, botanic, playing ground for children, camping sites, natural preservation site, etc., all of which are arranged logically and attractively in an order which best benefits the visitors, Vietnam Online cited.

Surprisingly, the Ea Kao Lake Tourism Site is not only an attraction with beautiful natural scenery full of tranquil lakes; it also contributes to the region’s effort to preserve the environment and the precious cultural values of the ethnic minorities. Coming to the Ea Kao Lake Tourism Site, you will surely enjoy each moment relaxing within the fresh and invigorating atmosphere of Central Highlands.

Photo: Vietnam Online