The Uniqueness of The Waterfalls at Song Cliff

There are many interesting tourist attractions in Tuy An, Phu Yen province. Among them, the waterfall at Song Cliff is a beautiful tourist destination and has an amazing natural structure.


In the forest of An Ninh Dong commune, Tuy An, Phu Yen province, there are all kinds of disc-shaped rock formations. These rock formations are quite rare. Here lie the Song Cliff – Hom Cliff waterfalls. These are actually two relatively small waterfalls, located on the same stream, about 1.5km apart in An Linh commune. They are near the western mountainous area of the Tuy An district. The waterfall in Hom Cliff is quite low, but a bit higher than the one in Song Cliff, probably about 15 meters. The stone formation here is made up of countless small stone pillars lined up side by side.

In the second half of June, during the dry season, the Song Cliff – Hom Cliff waterfalls will be dried up. It is not until the second half of the year will visitors be able to see the two waterfalls once more.

The Uniqueness of The Waterfalls at Song Cliff

In the dry season, the stream is just a rocky outcrop, sometimes there are a few puddles of water between the rocks. The stone pillars lined up together to form the waterfall wall. The lake at the foot of Hom Cliff waterfall is as clear and green as jade. In the rainy season, the water billows and foams white, but the sky is gray because of the clouds.

The road to the falls

From Qui Nhon to these waterfalls, there are 2 routes: from Chi Thanh town on NH1A turn to DT543 and then continue to follow the inter-commune roads for more than 20km to Hom Cliff. This route is troublesome and visitors can easily get lost; The second way is to go south along Highway 1A to Hoa Da junction, turn right along DT643 road to Van Hoa plateau and turn into An Linh. This route is easier to navigate.

From Hoa Da junction, turn to DT643 for 13km, the right side of the road had a turn into the forest. As of June 2020, this road has been bulldozed to make a road. In the dry season, there is only dust, but in the rainy season, the fog and rain make it difficult for travelers to see the road.

The way down from the waterfall has a bunch of huge rocks stacked on top of each other. It is not long, but it is quite zigzag and if visitors are not careful, they will fall.

The Uniqueness of The Waterfalls at Song Cliff
Photo: Halotravel

A traveler’s journey to the falls

Lu Phong (a tourist) knew about these 2 waterfalls from his friends in Qui Nhon after they discovered them. During his journey to discover the “disc-shaped rock formations on the cliffs of Vinh Thanh highland, Lu Phong spent an extra day, by himself, to admire the beauty of these two waterfalls.

After a few kilometers of consoling dirt roads, in An Linh commune, Lu Phong stopped the car, entered a house and asked for directions to the waterfalls, and learned that they are right in this residential area. After that, he was shown a motorbike trail to the top of the waterfalls.

Lu Phong parked his motorbike by the stream. He strode in the middle of a dry stream about 100 meters until he reached the top of Vuc Song waterfall. This waterfall is actually very low, only about 10 meters, but the waterfall wall is steep in the shape of an arc. Lu Phong was able to see the disc-shaped cliffs at this waterfall very clearly.

The Uniqueness of The Waterfalls at Song Cliff
Photo: Traveloka

After finding his way to the two waterfalls in the dry season, he was able to see the blue sky, the golden rays of sunlight, and the lake. However, he still could not be satisfied with that. Half a year later, at the beginning of January 2021, after being invited back to Qui Nhon by a friend, he immediately accepted and returned to the two waterfalls.

It took more than half a year and 2 visits to these 2 waterfalls, for Lu Phong to witness their majesty. He realized that around March of the solar calendar is the ideal time to camp and swim here.

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