The hidden charm of Tam Hai island

In spite of the scorching sun in every corner of the central region in summer, Tam Hai, a remote island in Quang Nam province, is completely separated from such heat. The air on the island is very cool like there is a giant fan blowing the wind in from the ocean. Tam Hai is peacefully beautiful with a clear blue sea, mossy cliffs, green coconut trees and small villages typical of a coastal countryside.

To reach Tam Hai, which is nearly 100 km from Da Nang, around 70 km from Hoi An and only 40 km from Tam Ky in Quang Ngai, one can go by motorbike to Tam Tien commune, and then take a motor boat or a ferry across the Ky Ha river.

As a remote island, Tam Hai keeps intact the wild beauty of a coastal countryside with gorgeous landscapes like Ban Than rock ground, Bac beach, Nom beach, and Mang and Dua islets. Seen from above, Tam Hai looks like a giant whale with its tail being the Ban Than rock ground.

In summer, the Ban Than rock ground, Tam Hai’s most popular tourist site, is extraordinarily striking in the clear sea as green as emeralds along with the golden sunshine. Formed by geographical tectonics over 400 million years ago, the 1km-long rock area is stunningly beautiful with unique-shaped cliffs and rocks covered by a thick layer of smooth green moss. The most picturesque cliff in Ban Than is Ong Dun which has the shape of a gigantic phoenix head. In summer when the sea level is low, Ong Dun looks like a proud phoenix raising its head high. In winter, white waves cover the phoenix’s head, creating a superb view in the area.

Tam Hai is known not only for its beautiful scenery but also as the land of bolero songs. Tam Hai people are the best bolero singers in Quang Nam. Walking in the coastal village in the afternoon, one can easily find young men playing guitar and singing sad romantic songs very emotionally.

Colorful frescos give a new appearance to the fishing village. Photo: Thanh Hoa / VNP

Villages in Tam Hai are also colorfully beautiful with frescos painted by university students from Da Nang. The paintings, which match well with the local scenery, turn Nam Hai into a museum of works of art showing the beauty of a coastal countryside.

At present, tourist services have not developed in neglected Tam Hai, but the island, regarded as the black gem of Quang Nam, is believed to soon become a favorite destination in the journey to explore central Vietnam.

Tam Hai people live on fishing. Photo: Thanh Hoa/ VNP

Mossy cliffs and immense coconut forests make Tam Hai poetically and peacefully beautiful.
Photo: Thanh Hoa / VNP

Coconut trees turn into bright paintings by young artists. Photo: Thanh Hoa / VNP

The smooth mossy rocks along Tam Hai beach are beautiful in the summer. Photo: Thanh Hoa / VNP

The picturesque cliffs and the clear blue sea create the hidden charm of Tam Hai Island.
Photo: Thanh Hoa / VNP

Located on the western beach of Tam Hai, Le Domaine De Tam Hai is currently the only resort on the island. But visitors can stay at the homes of friendly locals at very low prices or even for free.
By Thanh Hoa