Seven Cutest Pet Cafés in Vietnam

All pet lovers definitely should visit the following beautiful pet cafés in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, and Da Lat to play with super adorable cats and dogs.


Catfe Coffee

Catfe Coffee is a pet cafe located in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The exact address of the shop is 119 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Ben Thanh Ward. This place is not only a place for customers to drink coffee but it is also a paradise for cat lovers, especially those who love cute and lovely Western cats.

Seven Cutest Pet Cafés in Vietnam
Catfe Coffee is a pet cafe with a lovely and warm atmosphere. Photo:vnalongwalker

When customers come to Catfe Coffee, they will feel like they are sitting in a Nordic restaurant with an area of ​​about 300 m2, with a warm and bright design style. Although it is called a cafe, this store is actually a building that serves multiple functions at the same time. It is a cat cafe, a pet shop, a spa, and a kitten. Any customer will have many wonderful experiences here.

This cafe has many breeds of Western cats, from short-legged Munchkin cats, and Scottish bobcats to Chinchilla cats. These cats have smooth fur, and lovely faces, are well cared for and are quite happy with customers. Besides tables and chairs for guests to sit at, the shop also arranges cushions for cute cats to play and sleep on.

Seven Cutest Pet Cafés in Vietnam
A cute kitty. Phovnalongwalker

At this pet cafe, customers will feel like they are at home because of the friendly and comfortable environment. The cats here often play with each other and cuddle with guests. There are more than 20 cats here, so there are always free cats for customers to cuddle and pet.

Yuna Alaska Coffee

Dog lovers should not miss Yuna Alaska Coffee at 58 Nguyen Gia Tri, Ward 25, Binh Thanh District. This is a cafe for those who love the cuteness and dynamism of puppies. When visiting this cafe, people often have fun and take pictures with many different types of dogs, from large to small.

Seven Cutest Pet Cafés in Vietnam
Photo: vnalongwalker

Yuna Alaska Coffee is really a paradise for those who are passionate about cats and dogs. This café is designed to be spacious and bright. The rows of tables and chairs are arranged along the sides, and in the middle is the “stage” for the dogs and cats to have fun playing, running, and jumping without affecting the guests.

At this cafe, there are all kinds of expensive dogs such as Pug, Samoyed, and Husky. In addition, there are also Western cats with thick fur, innocent faces, and round eyes that have melted the hearts of many guests. People do not come here for drinks, instead, most of them visit this café to pet the adorable cats and dogs.

Seven Cutest Pet Cafés in Vietnam
An adorable corgi with a huge butt. Photo: vnalongwalker

Lizzy House Cat Café

There are many pet cafes in Vietnam that visitors cannot ignore. Lizzy House Cat Café is one of them. This pet cafe is located at No. 160, alley 360 Xa Dan, where many domestic and foreign cat breeds gather. Young cat addicts must definitely visit this place at least once to pet the lovely felines.

Lizzy House Cat Café has quiet and warm space, suitable for the characteristics of cats. This cafe uses a gray interior, combined with transparent glass doors, and carpeted floor so that guests can walk or sit down to pet the cats. Thanks to the scientific layout, the atmosphere of this place looks more spacious and more convenient for guests to come to drink coffee and play with the cats.

Here, the cats are well fed and bathed regularly, so they are always happy, their bodies are round, soft, and fragrant. When customers come to this cafe, in addition to ordering a favorite drink, they often spend the rest of their time petting and playing with cats of all breeds, Western cats with gorgeous fur.

Seven Cutest Pet Cafés in Vietnam
This café has many beautiful foreign cats. Photo: VNalongwalker

Meo’s House Coffee

Meo’s House Coffee is also a pet cafe in Vietnam that is frequented by dog and cat lovers. The coffee shop is located at P102, Alley 33, Chua Lang, which is home to many foreign cats with super large sizes, and beautiful furs. They are carefully taken care of.

Much of the interior of this cafe is made of wood. Although the area is not large, the design is suitable so that guests can both sit and drink coffee and play with the cats. Here, they will be able to play with, pet, and feed the cats. However, customers should only feed cats with food specifically for them, and should not let them try human beverages because it can badly affect the intestines.

This unique cafe is located in a small alley, although it is a bit difficult to find, it is very quiet, and suitable for cats and girls who like a contemplative space. Guests coming here can also enjoy the feeling of relaxation and tenderness with lovely cats after hard and stressful days of work. This place is considered a destination in Hanoi suitable for weekends.

Seven Cutest Pet Cafés in Vietnam
Photo: vnalongwalker

Luffy Coffee

In Hanoi, customers who want to find a pet cafe should go to Luffy Coffe. The environment is close and warm, this cafe is designed with beautiful corners for the “bosses” to have fun and sleep comfortably. Everything here is lovely. Luffy Coffe is located at 25 lane 81 Lang Ha, Dong Da district.

In fact, this cafe mainly provides entertainment services for pets. When coming here, customers will be able to buy bottled drinks for USD 1.70 and they can also buy more dog and cat food for USD 0.42 per pack to feed them, especially to “seduce” the slightly cocky “bosses”.

In addition, Luffy Coffee also offers spa, beauty, and pet care services for pets that are 5 months old or older. When people are too busy to bathe or take care of their pets, people can bring them here so they can play with other cats and dogs.

Seven Cutest Pet Cafés in Vietnam
Photo: vnalongwalker

Puppy Farm

If tourists have the opportunity to travel to Da Lat, they should explore Puppy Farm located on Cam Ly – Mang Lin Street, Ward 7. This is a destination that many tourists love when they come to Da Lat city. Puppy Farm is quite large, with an airy atmosphere, and many lovely puppies.

When customers visit Puppy Farm, they can have fun with round-butt Corgis, cute Poodles, hyperactive Alaskans, or super cool Pugs. Due to the fact that they are so used to the appearance of strangers, the dogs here are extremely friendly and enthusiastic with guests. They even happily pose for photos with customers.

This cafe is quite large and currently has about 100 large and small dogs. They are well-fed, thoroughly cleaned, and vaccinated, so visitors can rest assured when they come and play with them.

Seven Cutest Pet Cafés in Vietnam
Photo: vnalongwalker

Dalat Alaska House

Another very famous pet cafe in Vietnam is Dalat Alaska House located at 27 Tran Hung Dao Street, Ward 10, Da Lat City. This is a cafe combined with a farm. This place has many adorable Alaskan dogs and sheep. Tourists come here to have fun and take pictures of cute animals.

Thanks to the farm-style design with both outdoor and indoor spaces, Dalat Alaska House offers a spacious atmosphere. Sitting here sipping coffee, sometimes having fun with puppies and sheep, and taking pictures are wonderful experiences for anyone.

Seven Cutest Pet Cafés in Vietnam
Photo: vnalongwalker

There are many pet cafes in Vietnam in big cities like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, or Da Lat with a variety of different business models. However, the common point of these cafes is a place for guests to enjoy playing with lovely cats and dogs, and to forget about the troubles in life.

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