Touring West Lake on a PotoMac Boat

Touring West Lake on a Potomac Boat is a favourite choice of many tourists when visiting the capital of Hanoi. During the tour, tourists will feel surprised by the beautiful roads and ancient relics popping into view.

West Lake, covering 500ha, has been called different names, each related to an interesting and mysterious legend, such as Dam Xac Cao (the legend of a nine-tailed fox), Ho Kim Nguu (the legend of a golden buffalo), Lang Bac (the uprising of Hai Ba Trung) and Dam Dam (the legend of Ly Nhan Tong sitting on a wooden boat to see catching fish.

West Lake has been a famous tourist site since the Ly – Tran dynasties. The kings and lords at that time ordered the construction of many palaces and temples around the lake for their vacations. They include Thuy Hoa Palace in the Ly Dynasty, Ham Nguyen Temple in the Tran Dynasty (present day Tran Quoc Pagoda), Tu Hoa Palace in the Ly Dynasty (present day Kim Lien Pagoda) and Thuy Chuong Temple in the Le Dynasty (now Chu Van An High School).

Sunrise seen from the PotoMac Boat.

The wharf for boats in Thuy Khue.

PotoMac is one of two boats used to serve tourists on West Lake.

The space on the second flour on the PomoMac Boat is capable of serving more than 100 tourists.

Passing by Nghi Tam Village in Tay Ho District.

Recording beautiful moments of West Lake at sunset.

A romantic space for couples on the boat.

From the boat, tourists have a new perspective of Hanoi with majestic architectural works near the lake.

The beauty of West Lake at sunset seen from the boat.

Tourists enjoy West Lake while having dinner with traditional dishes of Hanoians.

To help tourists, especially foreigners, discover a new perspective of West Lake, relics such as Tay Ho Temple and Tran Quoc Pagoda and its surrounding areas, two boats, called PotoMac and Tay Long, have been put into operation. The PotoMac Boat mainly serves foreign tourists with tourism services aimed at promoting the image of Vietnam in general and distinctive cultural features of Hanoi in particular.

Services in the PotoMac Boat are the same as those in many countries in the world. Having a large cabin, a spacious balcony and a private area for VIP tourists, the PotoMac Boat looks like a hotel, full of light.

The restaurant on the boat with a capacity of 300 people is suitable for organising special events such as meetings, gatherings and wedding parties. The boat is also designed with a special space for a tea room and café corridor for music festivals and summer festivals to serve young people.

Some of Hanoi’s delicacies served on the boat:

PotoMac boat runs from 18h45 every Friday and weekend.
Telephone: 043.7164232, Hotline: 0966.182.555 – 098.667.6689
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Story: Thao Vy
Photos: Tat Son