Xoe dance of the Thais in Muong Lo is one of the local attractions. In 2013, a record was set for the largest Xoe dance performance featuring six types of folk dance involving 2013 dancers in 45 minutes. The dancers formed the shape of a Bauhinia flower.

Lo Van Bien, a folk dance researcher, said, “I’m very happy about the revival of Xoe dance. So are the local people and artists, who really treasure their traditional dance.”

In 2008, local created the largest-ever five-color sticky rice plate, setting a  Vietnam Guinness record. Weighing nearly 1.3 tons, the 2.8 m wide and 30 cm tall sticky rice plate required no less than 300 pots and 200 kilos of medicinal herbs which were used to make the colors.

The five colors of sticky rice represent the five petals of the Bauhinia flower, the iconic flower of Vietnam’s northwestern region and the five elements of the Earth. With this dish, the Thai want to show their desire for love, their loyalty and their respect for their parents.

Dieu Thi Sieng, a resident of Nghia Lo township, said, “The sticky rice has five colors: red, purple, yellow, green, and white. We prepare this dish to celebrate solidarity and to pray for completeness, warmness, and happiness.”

If food serves prosperity, musical instruments evoke love. For Thai people in Muong Lo, it is the khen that best interprets the sensitivity of their soul. The Khen is a kind of pan flute, consisting of fourteen bamboo tubes. Its wooden case is pierced at one end and closed at the other by a layer of wax. The Khen performs all the folk tunes that have accompanied popular dances for centuries.

Vietnam’s largest khen was made in 2017 for Muong Lo Cultural and Tourist Week. Two meters high and five meters wide, it can be played by five musicians at the same time.

Hoang Thi Hong Hanh, Vice Chairwoman of the Nghia Lô Township People’s Committee, said, “We want to promote local culture and tourism potential so as to turn Muong Lo into a key tourism destination of the province.”

In Muong Lo, visitors can savor five-color sticky rice, watch xoe dancing and be lulled by the khen. Does it tempt you?