Little-known heart-shaped island on Lan Ha Bay

Blogger Quy Coc Tu shared that he discovered the heart island while flying a flycam over Lan Ha bay on his personal project named "Vietnam from above view".


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During a trip to Lan Ha bay in Cat Ba, Hai Phong in early December, travel blogger Quy Coc Tu (Ngo Tran Hai An) accidentally discovered a very unique heart-shaped island. It is an island formed from a block of rock covered with green trees in a heart shape, about 160 meters wide, 110 meters in length, with the highest peak of about 16 meters from the sea surface. (Photo: VN Express)
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Just below the tail of the island is a sandy beach with a width of about 10 m, about 50 m long, connecting to another island. Quy Coc Tu shared that this island has similarities to the Diep Son waterways in Khanh Hoa that he introduced a few years ago. (Photo: VN Express)
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In addition to discovering the heart-shaped island, during this trip to Lan Ha Bay, blogger Quy Coc Tu continues to work on his personal photo project named “Vietnam from above view” to capture and share beautiful pictures across the country. He does the project by shooting with a drone, sometimes from rooftops, or helicopter flights. (Photo: VN Express)
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According to Quy Coc Tu, when coming to Lan Ha Bay, tourists should not miss the kayaking experience. Kayaking is the easiest way to access the wild beauty of islands lying on the blue sea, also the only way to help visitors explore the limestone arches through the underground caves of millions of years. In addition, kayaking also gives you impressive check-in pictures and the opportunity to enjoy the sunlight shining down on the sea surface reflected on the beautiful cliffs and cave arches. (Photo: VN Express)
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The picture above captures a secret cave, where there is a very round and beautiful natural well. The only entrance is the cave arch. Visitors should go to this place on a sunny day and around noon to 15 o’clock to watch the sun miraculously shines through the limestone, which is even more vibrant as the cave is totally dark. Quy Coc Tu shared that he came to Cat Ba this time to experience the national park trekking, 11 km of primeval forest, rock climbing, and visiting Viet Hai fishing village, before returning to watch the sunset on the bay. (Photo: VN Express)
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At the end of the year, though the tourism season in Cat Ba is over, the trekking road still attracts a lot of Western visitors. The island becomes quite deserted yet peaceful and tranquil. The first part of the road to get to this island went favorably, from the asphalt to the small dirt road, so everyone crept into the forest. The deeper you go into the forest, the more majestic the primeval forest becomes. (Photo: VN Express)
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As the trekking through the forest ended, Quy Coc Tu and everyone in the trekking team rested and rode a bicycle to explore the 300-year-old Viet Hai fishing village. The village is beautiful and still preserves many features of the old countryside. In addition to the main road, visitors should go deep inside the village’s lanes to get a deeper understanding of local life here. From the village to the Viet Hai pier, visitors will have to cross two rows of interlocking trees, then go through the 100 m long cave which brings a sense of adventure. (Photo: VN Express)
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After visiting the fishing village, he stopped at Cai Beo, an ancient and the largest floating fishing village in Vietnam. Currently, the village has about 300 households, whose life associated with fishing activities and cage fish farming in the bay. The village is surrounded by hundreds of limestone mountains that create a unique scene. From a distance, Cai Beo shows up beautifully with the green color of water, undulating rocky mountains. On the surface of the water, the houses are grouped together. (Photo: VN Express)
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Leaving Cai Beo floating village on the boat back to Cat Ba, visitors will immerse themselves in a surprisingly beautiful sunset view. (Photo: VN Express)