From May 14, relic sites in Hanoi including Temple of Literature, Ngoc Son Temple and Hoa Lo Prison will return to receive guests after a period of shutdown to prevent and control COVID-19.

Director of the Center for Culture and Science Activities at the Temple of Literature Le Xuan Kieu told Kinh te & Do thi that the most important task of the relic when it reopens is to adhere to the disease prevention guidelines.

All visitors will have their body temperature checked, their hands washed with antiseptic solution and wear face masks before entering the premise. 

In addition, information boards displaying COVID-19 prevention guidelines in Vietnamese, English and French are placed at the entrance and around the site. 

The reopening not only generates revenue from ticket sales but also income for artisans as large amounts of souvenirs are expected to be sold at the center. 

On the same day of May 14, Ngoc Son Temple and Hoa Lo Prison, the iconic places of interest of Hanoi, will also reopen to visitors.

Hoa Lo Prison will resume operation with the exhibition “Aspiration for Freedom” with three thematic areas including The Chains, Flying in the Midst of the Night and the Peace Song. 

Despite the shutdown, all the relics in Hanoi have been disinfected regularly and with the reopening, disease prevention measures will be put in place, according to the Head of the Hanoi Historical Relic Site Management Board Nguyen Doan Van.