Hanoi Exhibit to Feature Works of Japanese Artist

Japan and Vietnam are marking the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations with a cultural event.


The Japan Foundation Center for Cultural Exchange in Hanoi is pleased to present “Moon,” an exquisite lacquer painting exhibition by the distinguished Japanese artist, Ando Saeko. The exhibition will be open to the public from September 10 to October 1, offering free admission to all visitors.

Japanese artist Saeko Ando has a great love for Vietnam. Photo courtesy of the artist

Saeko Ando, a Japanese artist, has been based in Vietnam since 1995. She has dedicated her time to studying Son Mai, which is Vietnam’s traditional lacquer art. Throughout her journey, she has received guidance from prominent artists such as Trinh Tuan, lacquer master Doan Chi Trung, and lacquer craftsman Lam Huu Chinh.

Renowned as the “Lacquer Ambassador of Vietnam,” Ando’s exceptional expertise in this revered art technique resulted in her historic induction as the inaugural foreign member of the esteemed Hanoi Art Association in 2000.

Saeko’s illustrious career spans nearly three decades, during which she has acquired global acclaim as a contemporary artist. Her unique artistry seamlessly fuses traditional Vietnamese lacquer-craft skills with unparalleled expertise in son mai painting techniques, passed down through generations of lacquer masters. Furthermore, Saeko’s oeuvre exhibits a profound understanding of Zen philosophy, an unwavering reverence for nature, and an unmistakable influence of Japanese aesthetics.

 A lacquer work by Saeko Ando will be on display at the Moon Exhibition.

The exhibition showcases a diverse collection of artworks capturing the moon in various stages, seasons, weather conditions, times of day, and color palettes. Each piece is thoughtfully paired with waka poems curated by Saeko herself. With these paintings, Saeko aspires to evoke profound emotions, ignite cherished memories, and evoke fresh sensations within the hearts of viewers.

Saeko Ando is scheduled to deliver two lectures on September 9. The first lecture will be conducted in Vietnamese and will take place at 10 am. The second lecture will be conducted in English and is scheduled for 3 pm. It is necessary to register in advance for both lectures. To register for the Vietnamese lecture, please visit https://bit.ly/AndoSaekoTalk_V. To register for the English lecture, please visit https://bit.ly/AndoSaekoTalk_E.

Saeko Ando, born in 1968 in Japan, is a renowned researcher in the field of natural lacquers. She has made significant contributions to the field and has shared her findings through lectures, conventions, and symposia on an international platform.

She designed the key visual for the upcoming opera “Princess Anio”, scheduled to be staged at the renowned Hanoi Opera House from September 22 to 24, followed by a performance in Tokyo on November 4.

The artist currently resides in Hoi An, drawing inspiration from the vibrant energy of the surrounding rice paddies, rivers, and ocean to fuel her creative pursuits.

A typical work of art by Saeko Ando using Vietnamese lacquer and eggshell materials.