Green Tea Formula Burns Energy for Weight Loss

This tea offers a strong flavor to refresh your palate, revitalize the taste buds on your tongue and stimulate blood circulation.

Feel the vitality, radiance and freshness in every sip of tea. (Photo: CLICKMANIS/Shutterstock)
Feeling the vitality, radiance and freshness in every sip of tea. (Photo: CLICKMANIS/Shutterstock)

These herbs leave you feeling clean and refresh. If you’re feeling sluggish and sleepy, this refreshing yet elegant tea recipe will keep you focused, alert and inspired. Fresh ideas are just a sip away.

Guide to weight loss tea recipe

Add about 1 slice of fresh ginger.

Bring 2 cups of water and ginger to a boil, and simmer.

Meanwhile, chop 10 fresh basil leaves. No need to be exact! After boiling for five minutes, you can turn off the stove.

Add basil and 1-2 tablespoons green tea leaves (you can use tea bags).

Braise for two to three minutes.

You decant by placing a strainer on each cup and pouring tea through it.

Just enjoy!

Interesting things about this tea for weight loss

Healthy mind

Green tea energizes your mind without the irritation like coffee does, so you feel present and alert. The psychoactive properties of basil sharpen memory while reducing anxiety.

Spicy warms your mind and strengthens your will, while ginger sets the fire to action.

Good for circulation

Basil, ginger, and hot water warm your circulation. Ginger is a cardiac stimulant that increases the heart rate. Basil is a powerful vasodilator, widening blood vessels to promote circulation.

Each of these ingredients has blood-thinning properties to improve circulation. With these energizing hot herbs, you can even break a light sweat.

Diuretic use

The diuretic properties of basil and green tea help remove excess water from the system, reducing swelling, edema, and the feeling of heaviness.

Basil opens blood vessels and pores, thoroughly cleansing the lymphatic system so your skin looks bright and radiant with a rosy glow.

Since this tea promotes metabolism and heart rate, it is helpful for weight loss. The mild bitterness and bitterness in these herbs directly aid in fat metabolism.

Another convenient formula from herbal tea for your reference

Herbal Tea Dr. The bar contains 9 precious herbs including honeysuckle, chrysanthemum flower, summer dried herb, dandelion flower, sprung licorice, primrose, licorice, arhat fruit, and myrrh flower. According to published scientific documents, these 9 types are all herbs rich in antioxidants.

Ingredients: Water, Lonicera Japonica Thunb 3,4%, Chrysanthemum 3,2 %, Momordica grosvenori 2,1%, Prunella vulgaris 1,8%, Gtycyrrhiza uralensis 1,6%, Plumeria rubra 1,5 %, Gossampinus maIabarica 0,7%, Mcrocas panicutula 0,5 %, Mesona chinensis Benth 0,5%, Acesulfame Potassium, Sucralose.

Green Tea Formula Burns Energy for Weight Loss

The antioxidants present in the herbs of Dr,Thanh tea are mainly flavonoids with strong antioxidant effects such as anthocyanins, luteolin, quercetin, myricetin, glucoside. They help reduce free radicals on many different organs such as eyes, heart, blood vessels, liver, etc.

Popular food trends come and go over the past few years, meanwhile, green tea has stayed as one of Gen Z’s best choices when it comes to healthy beverages. Convenient bottled tea like Zero Degree Green Tea or Dr. Thanh Herbal Tea helps the young to reduce stress from everyday life, even in lockdown or in the new normal state, in work or in travel.

Dr. Thanh Herbal Tea is one of the Tan Hiep Phat Group‘s ongoing achievements, alongside Number One tea. After only 45 days of study and manufacturing employing modern technology, Dr. Thanh was released.

“Dr. Thanh exhibits high safety when testing on animals by giving them the highest possible dose of product in liquid form, and when experimenting on volunteers by letting them consume the end products every day,” according to research led by Nguyen Van Minh at Vietnam Military Medical Academy. According to the study, the tea has a high antioxidant capacity and has a significant impact on liver function and overall health.

Tarah Nguyen