First Book Fest on Gender Equality Held in Hanoi

The first book festival on gender equality was held at the Vietnam Women's Museum, 36 Ly Thuong Kiet (Hanoi) on March 4. In its framework, many exciting activities such as seminars, book introductions, book donations, and interactive exhibition were held to honor the contributions of women and girls in the technology era.

First Book Fest on Gender Equality Held in Hanoi
Old book buying & selling stall at the festival (Photo: Organizers)

The festival appealed to readers of all ages with its interactive display “Is it weird or magical?” presenting works that vividly celebrate diversity and equality through fun and unique interactive activities.

Many meaningful activities took place such as the seminar about gender equality and books in the digital age for young people, sex education, and reproductive health for parents, teachers, and those who are interested, dressing up games to convey messages about gender equality, old book exchange, book donations for children orphaned due to the Covid-19. 20% of the revenue from books sold at the festival will be donated to Peace House where abused women are offered shelter and support.

Through activities of reading, touching, playing, thinking, and creating… audiences will learn about the message of gender quality that is implied in each exhibition and activity.

Elisa Fernandez Saenz, Head of Office for UN Women in Vietnam, said: “The Book Festival not only aims to promote gender equality in literature but also serves as a platform for future generations to have access to books that break down barriers and social conceptions that prevent women, men, boys, girls, and other genders from enjoying and bringing into full play the potential and abilities of each person. Gender equality is not only in books but also a very real story.”

On this occasion, UN Women Vietnam released the Vietnamese version of the RESPECT Toolkit. RESPECT aims to prevent violence against women 7 strategies of the RESPECT framework include:

R – Relationships skills strengthened

E – Empowerment of women

S – Services ensured

P – Poverty reduced

E – Environments made safe

C – Child and adolescent abuse prevented

T – Transformed attitudes, beliefs and norms

First Book Fest on Gender Equality Held in Hanoi
The book festival attracted the attention of many parents and students (Photo: Dong Phong).

The Vut bay (Soaring) Book Festival will last until March 11, 2023. This is an activity to celebrate International Women’s Day (March 8) organized by the United Nations Agency for Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women (UN Women) with the support and companionship of the Australian Government, Vietnam Women’s Museum, and PowerAlive project.

Valerie Mai