Two exhibitions feature over 500 documents, photos, and other materials arranged under the titles “The Simple But Noble Examples” and “Youth- the Spring of the Country” being on display at Ho Chi Minh Museum in Ba Dinh District, Hanoi until September 30.

As the leader of the Vietnamese nationalist movement for nearly three decades, President Ho Chi Minh was one of the prime movers of the post-World War II anti-colonial movement in Asia and one of the most influential communist leaders of the 20th century. File Photo

Standing Vice Head of the Communication and Education Commission of the Party’s Central Committee Lai Xuan Mon quoted President Ho Chi Minh’s statement as saying that “A vital example is worth more than a hundred propaganda speeches” to remind those attending the opening ceremony of the exhibitions on the simple but noble life of the late President.

“This is a meaningful annual political and cultural activity of the capital. The exhibits themed President Ho Chi Minh not only help viewers learn about his great thought, morality and style, but also inspire and encourage them to follow the example of the great father of the nation,” he said.

“The Simple but Noble Examples” exhibition introduces to the public 132 individuals and groups that are recognized as ‘typical examples’ by the Communication and Education Commission of the Party’s Central Committee during the emulation campaign to study and follow President Ho Chi Minh that was held in 2021.

They are heart-touching stories of collectives and individuals who have overcome their circumstances to build up a successful career, the people who sacrificed themselves to fight for the cause of national construction and defense.

Participants in the exhibitions viewed precious documents and images themed President Ho Chi Minh. Photo: Tien Phong Newspaper 

The highlight of the exhibition is a set of musical instruments of the Tho ethnic minority group restored by artist Truong Thanh Hai, a war veteran from Nghe An Province, in a bid to preserve a nation’s heritage.

The “Youth- the Spring of the Country” exhibition introduces the life and revolutionary career of President Ho Chi Minh as well as his concerns for the young generation.

The exhibition is divided into two parts. The first one themed “Ho Chi Minh – the Exciting Youth” features 170 valuable photos, documents, and objects showcasing the arduous journey to find the way to save the country from foreign domination by Nguyen Ai Quoc (aka Ho Chi Minh), praising President Ho Chi Minh’s devotion to serving the fatherland and people as well as his simple lifestyle. Meanwhile, the second part earls with President Ho Chi Minh’s youth and his interest in youth. During his lifetime, the late president always cared about fostering and educating young people, as he used to say that “the youth is the spring of the country”.

These exhibitions mark the 132nd birthday anniversary of President Ho Chi Minh (May 19, 1890 – 2021) and 111 years since he left the country to find a way to save the nation. They are jointly organized by the Communication and Education Commission of the Party’s Central Committee, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union.