Exciting Night Trip to Pick Lychees in Bac Giang

Bac Giang has become a popular destination for picking lychees, particularly for its unique nighttime experience.


If you are a fan of Vietnamese fruits, a fun trip idea you can try is to visit lychee farms for a night lychee picking tour in Luc Ngan (Bac Giang Province). This is your opportunity to gain an authentic travel experience in the rural side of Northern Vietnam.

It is also a suitable experience on the weekend. For such a short trip outside of Hanoi, you won’t need much preparation besides a trusty vehicle for transportation, appropriate clothes for hot weather, and a camera for capturing precious memories. Children will also enjoy this trip to the farm during their summer breaks, away from the busy city and immersed in nature.

From Hanoi, departing in the morning or late afternoon, you will first rest at homestays to prepare for a unique night journey. The host of the night tour will be local farmers. You can enjoy delicious homemade meals with the host family before heading to the farm for lychee picking. When night falls, you follow the farmers, with a flashlight and a basket, to go directly to the farm and look for lychees to pick.

Exciting Night Trip to Lychees Picking in Bac Giang
The night tour is especially popular with young people (Photo: Dai bieu nhan dan).

The night tour is especially popular with foodies who want to enjoy lychee right at the farm because this is a more interesting way than eating them brought from the market. The lychee is fresher, more succulent, with the sweetness retained. You can even peel and bite them while the fruit is still on the branch. You will also be surprised that even though you wake up at 1-2 am for this tour, the night at the farm is as bright as the day. Many light bulbs, flashlights are lit for harvesting.

Make sure to watch the farmers closely to find the best bunch of ripe, beautiful, and delicious lychees from the tree and pick them. You can even eat them right away to enjoy the fresh, fruity taste of natural fruits. Around you, there is a distinct aroma of lychee to enhance the excitement.

The ticket price is VND 500,000/person (about US $21), including the entrance cost, lychee picking cost, and the cost for overnight accommodation at the farmer’s house in the cooperative. This is an affordable tour where you can eat as much lychee as you want while exploring the countryside lifestyle. This is the second farm tour launched this year in Bac Giang Province, after the lychee honey collection tour in March.

In Bac Giang, especially Luc Ngan alone, which has favorable soil and climate conditions, there are many fruit trees beside lychee that are available all four seasons like oranges and pomelos.

Exciting Night Trip to Lychees Picking in Bac Giang
Many tourists choose the night lychee picking tour combined with visiting Cam Son Lake. Photo: baodautu.vn

Since the lychee season lasts only about 2-3 weeks, you must take advantage of time, come to Luc Ngan to visit in mid-June or early July. Near the end of July, the lychee farm will mostly be completely harvested. Coming to Luc Ngan by motorbike from Hanoi will take about 3.5 hours.

Fanasy Nguyen Le