Cloud Seeking on Phia Oac Mountain

Phia Oac mountain, which is located in Nguyen Binh, is drowned in a thick sea of clouds in an afternoon spring.

The Dreamy Sea of Clouds On Phia Oac Mountain Peak
Photo: hanamtv

Cao Bang has several high peaks with a height of 1,000 meters above sea level, while the Phia Oac peak is 1,931 meters, which is the second-highest peak in the province (the highest is Phia Da mountain).

In February, the temperature can drop below 10 Celsius degree, and there is often drizzle and rain at night and early morning. In the afternoon, there will be sunshine and then it gets cloudy.

Blogger Ha Cuong, who is the administrator of a fan page called “Cao Bang Hong” has made a trip with his friends to go “cloud hunting” and finished their video: “The sea of clouds around Phia Oac mountain” in a peaceful afternoon after Tet holiday.

From the provincial road 212 that is located in Nguyen Binh, the team turned to the slithering, sloping path leading to Phia Oac mountain, which is about 5 kilometers long.

The higher they went, the taller the mountain was, and the clouds became thicker. When they stopped at the broadcasting station on the mountain, where the antenna mast is 75 meters high, Ha Cuong said he nearly burst into tears of happiness when he spotted the thick clouds floating around, blending in with the golden afternoon sun.

The sea of clouds begins to form at 3 p.m. and slowly gets thicker as the afternoon goes on.

The best moment to take the beautiful photoshoots and videos is from 5 p.m to 6:30 p.m.

When the sun sets behind the mountain, the group of friends feel a flash of sadness in their hearts as they watched the clouds disappear.

Cao Bang Hong
Photo: Cao Bang Hong

The cloud season in Phia Oac lasts from December to March, with February the peak of the season for tourists who wish to do their “cloud hunting” trip.

In 2021, Cuong and his friends went cloud seeking more than 10 times, often happening randomly without a plan.

This year, he made a difference by watching several weather forecast channels, then fortune smiled on him.

“I enjoy filming videos like these. This is my passion, and it is also a chance to promote the tourism of Cao Bang to other people around Vietnam.”

The Dreamy Sea of Clouds On Phia Oac Mountain Peak
Photo: Bao Cao Bang dien tu

Nguyen Son Tung, who lives in Cao Bang, has gone a 73 – kilometer journey to go cloud hunting on Phia Oac mountain, said, “I was amazed when I saw the vague sight of the mountain behind the thick clouds, then took a deep breath of the fresh air. Even though I was exhausted after such a long trip, I was happy.”

Charlotte Pho