In addition to other famous destinations for chasing clouds, such as Y Ty, Fansipan and Bach Moc Luong Tu, Hau Chu Ngai is rarely mentioned. The road to Hau Chu Ngai village is very small and rocky.

As a village far from the centre of Sapa town and with tourism not fully developed, Hau Chu Ngai is not too famous. The specialties here are probably clouds and fog, along with mossy rocks and winding roads. The village still retains the wild, original and rustic features, because there hasn’t been much impact from human hands.

In addition to a few businesses and accommodation facilities, there are almost no food services in Hau Chu Ngai. Even the phone signal is limited here. Coming to the village, visitors will be immersed by the unspoiled nature, forests and majestic mountains, as well as learn about the cultural identity of the Mong ethnic minority group.

The path to the village is always full of fogs and clouds, making visibility limited. However, this is a challenge to test the endurance of those who love hiking.

The weather this year is unusual, so it is still cold in Hau Chu Ngai, in March. However, low temperatures, high humidity and sunshine, are ideal condition for successful moments of chasing clouds. This is also the right time for visitors to enjoy the wonderful clouds and admire the white pear and plum blossom gardens.

Visitors can enjoy the most beautiful clouds at dawn and dusk. In the early morning, the whole village is still covered by fog and clouds, the only sound mixed with the wind is that of the rooster crowing, signalling a new day. At this time, the milky white colour of clouds covering the mountains and forests, is very attractive.

When the first rays of the sun appear, the clouds gradually melt away to reveal a high and blue sky. Wherever the sun shines, the clouds quickly melt away to reveal the pure and pristine white pear and plum blossoms. The Mong ethnic people’s village brightens up brilliantly under the sun and blue sky. At that glorious dawn, the mountains, forests and clouds seem to blend together to create a fanciful and romantic picture.

Perhaps Hau Chu Ngai is suitable for those who like a slow pace of life. Just sitting and watching clouds, visitors will receive positive energy and emotion.

Because tourism has not developed in the locality and the local people are very honest and plain, the most appropriate way to experience Hau Chu Ngai, is to walk around the village, chat with Mong ethnic people and take photos throughout pear, peach and plum blossom gardens.

Trinh Quang Viet, manager of May Village Sapa, said in addition to relaxing, chasing clouds and admiring the pristine and majestic natural scenery, visitors should experience the villagers’ culture.

Despite difficulties in material life, the villagers’ friendly smiles have made guests feel warm. Inside the hand-folded stone fences, are rustic and simple small wooden houses on stilts and the pear and plum trees with plump buds. Visitors will see the peaceful moments, including children playing innocently in front of their houses, chickens perched on the clothes lines and a few dark pigs in the yards.

The gentle and hardworking Mong women carrying baskets on their backs to go to the market, while men caring orchids in the garden, are just some other beautiful images in Hau Chu Ngai.