Blossoming Hawthorns in Cheu Village of Son La

Every year, in late February and early March, visitors flock to Bac Yen district, Son La province to witness the stunning white hawthorn flowers in Lang Cheu commune.

Hawthorn, also known as thornapple, is widely found in the highland forests of Son La province, including Lang Cheu commune. Photo: Ger Hang
Cheu village is a highland commune located at an average altitude of about 800 meters above sea level. Photo: Ger Hang
The average annual temperature in Cheu Village is about 15 degrees Celsius. The major residents are Hmong ethnic people. Photo: Ger Hang
Hawthorn flowers have 5 white petals and yellow pistils. Photo: Ger Hang
The flowers of hawthorn are ivory, not white like plum blossoms, and pear flowers. Photo: Ger Hang
Hawthorn is in flower from the end of February to the end of March. Photo: Ger Hang
Hawthorn thrives naturally in the forest before being found and brought back by local people to the hills and villages for cultivation. The fruit is then used to infuse alcohol and honey, with the fruiting season being September to October. Photo: Ger Hang
According to Ger Hang, a local tour guide, the hawthorn flowers in Cheu Village are currently fading due to the strong Lao wind. He suggests that visitors can plan their visit for the next blooming season to see the flowers in full glory. Photo: Ger Hang
AS Tuong Vy