According to the APEC website, Na Tong is a cultural village located about 130km from Tuyen Quang city and 290 km from Hanoi capital. The village is home to the Tay ethnic group, which resides along the Thuong Lam valley and offers beautiful natural scenery and fresh air.

Upon arrival in Na Tong, visitors can enjoy the majestic natural landscape and explore the traditional culture of the Tay ethnic people. This includes experiencing their unique architecture, accommodation, food, culture, art, traditional legends, and rituals, as mentioned on the website.

Since 2017, Na Tong has been welcoming tourists to stay overnight in the village, gaining recognition among tourists from various distances.

The website also provides detailed guidance on how to travel to the area, the best things to do in Na Tong village, what to eat, and information about accommodation options.

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