5 stunning routes to admire Da Lat’s cherry blosoom

If visiting Dalat from January to February, don't forget to check out Hung Vuong, Tran Hung Dao streets, the routes to Trai Mat, Tuyen Lam lake to immerse yourself in the romantic scene of full-bloomed cherry blossom trees.


At the beginning of December this year, cherry blossoms bloom early at some sites in Da Lat, but the flowers only enter full blooming in 1-2 weeks from the New Year. Da Lat’s cherry blossom will bloom for a whole month, lasting till February.

Hung Vuong – Tran Hung Dao street

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Hung Vuong – Tran Hung Dao street (especially the part that lies along the Cadasa villas) is a central route only about 4 km from Da Lat market. Every year, this site attracts many visitors to take check-in photos in the cherry blossom season. (Photo: VN Express)
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Currently, cherry trees in the inner city of Da Lat have not yet reached their full bloom season. By the end of January, the flowers will be completely brilliant. (Photo: VN Express)

Trai Mat – Cau Dat route

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This area is located about 10 km from Da Lat center city. Currently, on both sides of the road from the city center to Trai Mat, cherry trees are blooming, attracting a lot of young people to take check-in photos. (Photo: VN Express)
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On the way to Trai Mat – Cau Dat, you can visit Linh Phuoc Pagoda, Trai Mat area, tea hill, flower gardens, flower cage, vegetable cage … (Photo: VN Express)

Da Quy hill

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Da Quy is one of the most romantic slopes in the cherry blossom season, located in Xuan Tho – Trai Mat. Starting from Hung Vuong street, tourists just have to go straight to Highway 20 in the direction of Trai Mat if they want to reach this site. (Photo: VN Express)
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Previously, Da Quy slope was a stop for photographers to Dalat. In recent years, many young couples also choose to be a wedding destination because it has many romantic corners, especially when peach flowers blooming on both sides of the road. (Photo: VN Express)

Lac Duong (Lang Biang)

5 stunning routes to admire da lat's cherry blosoom
This area is about 17 km from the center of Da Lat. From the city center, tourists can ride toward Lang Biang on Dankia Street then cross Lang Biang Street to see the cherry flower forest on the right. The road is quite rough and dangerous, so it is highly recommended that you hire a transport service to reach this site. (Photo: VN Express).
5 stunning routes to admire Da Lat's cherry blosoom
Cherry blossoms in Lac Duong have been blooming since the end of December and will last till February. Travel blogger Quy Coc Tu said that if you want to hunt for flowers here, you should travel early in the morning, from 6 – 9 am is the best time to take a photo shoot. In addition, if you come to Lac Duong, tourists can visit Da Nhim, Da Chais, Da Sar communes where people plat cherry blossom in front of their homes. (Photo: VN Express)

Tuyen Lam Lake

5 stunning routes to admire da lat's cherry blosoom
Lying about 6 km from the city, Tuyen Lam Lake is also a famous check-in point in cherry blossom season. Since 2009, the Tuyen Lam lake tourist area has had 25 hectares invested to grow cherry blossoms, not to mention the fact that many businesses also participate in planting cherry blossoms nearby the lake, altogether creates a pinky romantic scene. (Photo: VN Express)