Nowadays, Halloween celebrations are held just about everywhere in the country, especially in the larger cities. 

If you are still wondering where you and your friends should celebrate Halloween this weekend, here’s a few suggestions.

Hang Ma Street

Hang Ma Street is well-known for toys and hand-made goods. These days, the street is more lively than normal decked to the hilt with colour and accoutrements—witch’s hats, pumpkin lanterns and spooky costumes.

Ho Tay Water Park

If you want to experience the parallel universe of ghosts, ghouls and other mythical creatures, check out ‘Halloween Party 2016,’ which transpires on the evening of October 29-30 at the Ho Tay Water Park.

It promises a bevy of frightening experiences, especially for those brave souls willing to walk the bloody road decorated with all the scattered bones of all those who tried and failed to make it back alive.

The Yard

If you’re a dance lover, the music festival ‘Dance with the Ghost’ is the ideal destination for you and your friends to go on Halloween. The event is at The Yard on October 30-31, and has attracted the participation of artists from the Youth Theatre and DJ Minh Zau.

The Garden

The Garden hosts a cosplay festival on October 29-30.

Guests have a chance to dress up in their favourite Halloween costumes (any dress up inspiration from sultry to spooky), join plays, dances, music shows as well as enter a contest for most impressive costume at the event.

Hanoi Pedestrian Street

The organizers promise that guests will have a truly out of body exhilarating experience when visiting Hanoi Pedestrian Street on Halloween, dressing up in scary costumes, painted up faces, and participating in a wide array of scary and spooky activities.